I Do Friday 4th February 2022

On I Do Friday 4th February 2022: I Do Friday 4 February 2022, Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya sits outside, and doesnt realise that rashid is sitting besideher. she gets very excited, and he tells her that he wanted to see her, and since her phone was unreachable, therefore went out to meet her, and found her sitting alone, and came to bless his daughter in law. He says that he might be able to help her, as she’s visibly tensed, just like she had helped him the first time. She asks how does he know. He says that he’s her friend and should tell him whats happened. he says that he knows that asad and dilshad are angry at him, and dont want to talk to him, and maybe he’s of no use to her. after hearing everything, rashid too is boggled about tanveer. zoya says that it might be that she’s his childhood friend and

rashid says that all that he has heard, are in hatred and not in love. Zoya says that tanveer is so smart in doing what she does, and noone would believe

Rashid says that if they find the stone eyed person, then they would find the reason to this. He asks her that some clue maybe in the house only. Zoya says that she has smartly erased every clue. Rashid says that a person always leaves a clue, and if she finds it, then she can tell everyone the truth about tanveer. she too is sure that tanveer would make a mistake sometime, and she would get her clue.

Pammi goes on a rant about how much she is focussed on this marriage. She goes to asad and asks about their entry. She asks if asad knows stunts. As asad vehemently says no, zoya tells yes, and goes on a rant of impromptu potery:

Asad ahmed khan yani Rajnikant plus
Usme jod dijiye Rambo, and then multiply by jackie Chan…
She remebers how asad had fighted for her, and tells them everything about it. Saying so, she falls in the ar

Seeing fire, zoya is again reminded of the tragedy of her life, and she gets scared.

as the barbeque goes on, and the fire sharpnels come and hit tanveer, her eyes start burning, and she covers it up, saying that she need to water it, and she would be alright. as she hastily leaves, zoya wonders if only one eye of hers is burning.

While picking up the skewers and the remaining sharpnels, after the barbeque, cursing asad for not doing anything right, she comes across a knife, and remembers it as the place, where tanveer had been attacked with a knife, and she fell into Asad’s arms, at their function. she decides to check the knife for fingerprints and take it to the forensic lab. Seeing tanveer, she gets very cautious, and asks what is she doing now.

zoya asks her to take care of herself, as unusually bad things are happening to her.

Tanveer wonders what was she doing here, and wondersif she got the knife. As she begisn to rummage through the pile, nazma comes in asking her to come inside

Zoya, seeing the rubble, thinks that something up, which is bothering tanveer badly. She takes the knife, out of the rubble, and is determined of her plan. She leaves with the knife. As tanveer comes back, she is very tensed to find the knife gone from there. She understands that the knife is with zoya, and

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Imran asks nikhat to be talked alone. they are all surprised at this. Badi bi asks if everything is alright. Imarn says that he just needs to talk to her alone.

Imran asks if

Imran reprimands her for this, while nikhat asks why should they ask for true names

There has been a raid in that hotel, and the police has investigatead him too,

He says that the police

Nikhat says that they shouldnt fear as they have done nothing wrong. Imran says

Imran says that they didnt expect this from her, and she’s responsible for this. Ayan comes and asks whats her fault, and if nikhat’s truthfulness is her fault. Badi bi asks whats the commotion all about. Ayan tells them evereything. when badi bi asks

Razia comes in pretending to be shocked, and says that when people would talk, they wont talk about the consequences.

Ayan says that they didnt know that respect is

Imran says that when the family is such, then what would his mother do. Ayan asks nikhat to see how much respect imran has for their family. imran says that the truth is bitter. As ayan and his family, along with Razia, enter the hotel room, and confront Imran, He tells ayan that he knows all about his family and Rashid. Ayan, angry at this statement, pushes him out of the door, while all are shocked and try to stop him. Ayan asks him not to say anything about his father.
Imran says that they dont want to live in this type of family. Ayan asks him to get out. Before leaving, imran warns them that they would have to pay for this insult rendered to him. Nikhat and badi bi are very upset. Razia is happy to find her plan working perfectly.

Razia tells everyone that Chand Bi told her that haseena got to know about Imran and Nikhat, and she’s cancelling their marriage. Shirin, who has just arrived, is shocked to hear this. The screen freezes on her shocked face.

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