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I Do Friday 28th January 2022


On I Do Friday 28th January 2022: I Do Friday 28 January 2022, Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
As they all gather at the dining table, Razia calls up someone and asks her to come. As humaira asks her to rest, razia says that she had gotten bored, and hence came here for some family time.

Haseena comes in, with Imran very angry, saying that nikhat shouldnt do any mannerisms, as her true personality is out for everyone to see. They are all shocked to see haseena so angry. She said that today there would be a descision, and she would ask Rashid and shirin as to why their children are so ill mannered. badi bi asks what happened. Imran asks her to stop but she doesnt. She goes on to show the video, reprimanding her for such shamelessness. Badi bi says that this is just a family function. But haseena says that there are lots of other things that happen behind closed doors, and if in her opinion, they should also be on the net. Razia smirks at such insult. haseena tells them that they had gone to Aasd’s place, whose mother has been accused of stealing their father, after he left her 17 years ago.

Ayan reprimands her for talking like this, as asad is after all his brother, and hence they went to that function. Haseena says that they were told that there’s no relation between them, and now its all a false. Haseena calls her a nachne waali and a Kothe wali aurat. this shocks ayan and everyone else. razia pretends to feign shock, as haseena goes on to say that they wont let their ancestral property be turned in to a Kotha.

Ayan asks her to stop, as which mannered people call their own daughter in law, by such insulting words. He reprimands haseena and imran too for being asilent spectator to his would be wife’s insult. as haseena tries to speak, ayan stops her saying that she has already insulted, and he too has a limit, and it would be better if she doesnt cross that limit. Haseena leaves fuming. Razia is very happy, thinking that she finally got success in her plan as if nikhat is tortured then ayan would be in pain, and then she would play her cards, and say tp ayan, that all of this would stop if he marries humaira.

while nikhat is crying in her room, ayan comesz in and asks if she’s okay, expressing horror at the way she was treated today. She tells him that he cant change anyone, and that she’s habituated to it now. He asks if she felt bad when he talkedf sternly to imran. He says that he didnt want to do it, but he couldnt take it, when he kept watching her get insultyed silently. She says that his anger is justified, but imran is a soft hearted person, and stays away from fights, and if he doesnt say anything, it doesnt mean that he doesnt feel it. He says that its okay, but how will she live with haseena all her life. She tells him that they are planning to live seperately. He asks whether she loves him very bad. she says that when a person loves someone, he makes huge sacrifices, and thats exactly what she is doing. she asks him to promise that he wont lose his temper, as he has already been through enough, He says that he would try his level best, and he just wants to see her happy. they hug each other.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence and imran’s residence
Zoya calls vasudev, thanking him for the wondeful dance. She cancels the phone, seeing agift placed. she wonders who got it for her. She opens and finds a saree with a note. It says that he hopes this time she wont convert this saree into a kurti. He asks her to meet him at 8: 00 clock in the backyard. She thinks that asad is so strange, that he wants to end this marriage, by giving her a gift. Her sister comes in and admires the saree, asking who gave it to her. She tells its asad, and asks why has he called. she tells zoya that asad has planned a romantic dinner for her, as what else could this mean. Her sister says that she’s very lucky that she got a husband like asad, unlike her own, who just keeps sending her monotonous messages. She asks zoya to savour these moments and be happy.

Zoya’s sister dresses her up, and also tells her that she would be going soon, for a meeting with a decortaor, who has selected a venue for the remaining functions, as dilshad and nazma have already left. She sees the change in earrings, and asks the reason. zoya says that these too look fine. She keeps giving tips and interrupting zoya, for a smooth romantic date with asad, irritated by which zoya asks her to let go, so that she can go to meet asad. Asad iin the meanwhile is very busy making his own preparations for the proposal. Tanveer hears this, and is smirking with her own evil plan.

Zoya comes in the backyrd to find it romantically set. she wonders whats wrong with asad, as he’s got mad with happiness that he is breaking up with her, or else why would someone give such an elaborate setup to break up. she wonders where is he. as asad comes, she is about to turn off. As zoya’s begins to go, asad catches her, and twirling her around, he says that he has something to say to her, that he wanted to since a long time. (MITWA MOMENT) He says that whenever he feels like saying it, someone interrupts him, and therefore this time, he did this, to com plete what he wants to say. Zoya thinks that he’s very cold blooded for planning such a romantic setup to break up. He twirls her again, and then taking her in his arms, he says that today he would speak, and she would have to listen queitly and not run off. Asad says that he wanted to do this since a long time, and as he leans down on her romantically, and says that he doesnt know what her answer would be, but he has to confess. He says that he has to say the truth, that was in his heart, but it never found its way to his lips, his truth, her truth, their truth. Zoya surprisedly thinks that this doesnt like like a break up, and in fact his intentions sound very pure, and good. she wonders what is it that he wants to say. Asad remembers Dilshad’s advise and the airport engagement. He goes on to say, Ms. Farooqui, but then checks hismelf and addressing her as zoya, he says Zoya, I…and then drifts off. The screen freezes on their faces.


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