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Written by TALIBAN

On I do 18th June 2022: I do 18 June 2022

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
rehaan, sitting in the garden remebers his moments with sanam, when she wqalks in asking whats he doing here. he says that he like solitude as thats where he hears the heart’s voice best. sanam thanks him for standing up for him, and that it means a lot to her, when everyone was against her. She says that she is just a servanmt and is overwhelmed for what she did. Rehaan says that he never did this before, in front of ahil and begum, but he couldnt take what nida was doing to her. sanam says that he is a very nice man and he would have done this for anyone else. He says that maybe he wouldnt have done it for anyone else. He tells her that she is a very nice and different girl. she shyly smiles. She starts teasing him, that she isnt that nice too, and talks about her anger, while he eyes her emotionally. He says that he doesnt know much about her but wants to. She says that she has never met a guy like him, who does so much for others and wants to know about him too. He smiles. she says that whenever she sees him, she feels he is hiding something, something that he doesnt share with anyone, and wants to know that. He gets tensed. Rehaan remembers his moments with her and starts fumbling, saying that he would tell her when the right time comes. as she shakes hand with him, he notices the mehendi on her hands, and refrains from shaking. they both get tensed. She hastily retreats.

meanwhile, ahil, in his room is tensed at what happened in the mehendi ceremony and how nida insulted sanam. He walks out of his room and comes in the foyer. He hears rehaan calling out to sanam, but doesnt see sanam having left by then. Rehaan says that he doesnt know how to tell it to her. sanam is shown to be leaving. Rehaan tells that he doesnt know how it happened

and when, but he knows that she has become far more than just a friend to him. He confesses

that he is madly and irrevocably in love with her. ahil hears this from a distance and is tensed and distraught.

Meanwhile, azhar’s parents get nida in a closed and isolated room. nida tells them about the deal. But lies about getting only 2 crores. They are overwhelmed at that too. They start dreaming on, while she accuses them of being very short lived dreamers. Nida tells abouit her plan that she isnt after the money, but after the whole property which will be hers after the marriage. Azhar’s mother warns her about tanveer’s cruelty. Nida asks what if tanveer isnt there, then ahil would be hers and the property too. they are shocked and ask how would that happen. nida shows them a bottle, while they are confused. She tells them that her apprenticeship at some doctor, told her about the poison, that would paralyse Begum within 24 hours, and the best part is that its untraceable. meanwhile, Nida tells azhar’s parents about her scheme to paralyse and give tanveer a slow and painful death by midnight tomorrow as her marriage rituals continue with ahil. She expresses her dreams of being the badi begum then. they both are shocked. She thinks that nida would be way too costly for tanveer.

sanam lays out the dining table, when nida comes and starts taunting sanam, while she vehementy denies not being like that. Nida says that she was juist joking and didnt want anyone to be angry with her at her marriage eve, and wants to apologise for the way she behaved, despite her not being at fault. sanam excuses herself. Nida finds tanveer coming in, and asks sanam to let be, as she would handle the rest herself. Nida expresses her affection, while tanveer asks her not to be so sweet when there’s noone around. she sits frustratedly. nida thinks that she can show her attitude all that she wants, but only for the next 24 hours. She snekas out the bottle, while looking around that noone saw hr. tanveer is oblivious to this. tanveer asks for everyone. azhar’s parents get ahil to come and sit. nida says that she had wanted him here as she wanted to apologise in front of him. Nida apologises while tanveer is irritated at the drama. Ahil watches surprised, as she asks for an apology. tanveer smiles evilly as nida says sorry. she tells nida not to bother as children do make mistakes, and that she doesnt have any issues with her. Nida thanks her, while asking tanveer to get ahil to love her. tanveer complies and asks ahil to stop being angry at her, as they are getting married. nida goes and apologises to him too. But ahil’s eyes are stuck on sanam, who comes in and reminds him of his past moments with her, nd rehaan’s confession of love. Nida pretends to be very sorry as she couldnt bear anyone else’s name with him. Nida spots sanam and asks her to keep the food on the table. She copmplies. Sanam lays out his plate, while ahil refues saying that he isnt hungry. As tanveer and others sit at the dining table, nida waits with bated breaths along with azhar’s parents, as tanveer brings the soup spoon right to her lips, but then stops at the last minute. she talks to ahil, about marriage preps while nida gets impatient. tanveer asks latif to get her kitten so that she can eat too, and she complies. Nida gets impatient as tanveer continues to talk without drinking the soup.

Meanwhile, latif comes and says something in sanam’s ears and she gets shocked. nida tells tanveer that she can talk, while she would feed her the soup herself. as nida begins to give her first spoon, when sanam stops her saying that she shouldnt drink this soup. nida is tensed. The screen freezes on Sanam’s face.

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