I Do Friday 18th February 2022

On I Do Friday 18th February 2022: I Do Friday 18 February 2022, Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan tells humaira that he has promised her to keep her happy, and hence he had decided to marry her, as he didnt want to hurt her. Humaira says that he did hurt her. As she walks off, ayan tries in vain to make her stop. Razia sees this and wonders when would he understand that hurting humaira would only irk her more, as his real anger is on her. That means since he cant be angry at her, he’s trying his anger on Humaira. she decides to teach him a lesson.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya is very hurt and standing on the roof. Aasd comes up behind and sees her like this. As zoya turns around and finds him standing there, she leaves from there, with tears in her eyes, as her dupatta is stuck in the band of his watch. She jerks off and leaves from there. Tanveer comes and sees this. asad turns away from her. She comes to him, and says that she understands his situation as noone is talking to her too, and that she too should leave from here, as then this topic would be over. Asad asks what happened last night and that he doesnt remember anything. He tells what he saw last, and asks her to tell. Tanveer says that she cant. On Asad’s insistence, she says that he saved her, but the goons’ sent by her husband ran away, but one of them before going, hit him. He fell un conscious, and after that she made him lie on the bed.

And when he regained consciousness, he saw her, and went to her. She felt asif he needed something, but he drew her close to him, and was led astray by his desires. She says that she tried to stop him, but couldnt as being a woman, she couldnt have competed against him. She asked to go, but he didnt, and did the unthinkable. She askls what would happen to her now, and what would the society call her now. She breaks into tears saying that she cant live with this taint. She breaks down into tears. Asad comes to her and says that he wont let that happen. tanveer says that she cant let him take the brunt, and would take the blame on himself. She says that he’s starting a new life, and he wouldnt let him destroy it. she says that she would live with this taint, and asks her to go to zoya, that all of this is her fault, and then offers to go herself and tell her everything, and take the whole blame. As asad is feeling very guilty. Tanveer thinks that she cant even say that nothing happened between them, and she was unconscious all the time, but if she didnt do this, she would never have gone.

Asad says to dilshad that he waqnts to meet zoya. dilshad commenst
She says that her sister is going to come soon, and she would decide the future course of action.

Asad comes to dilshad and says that he just wants to apologize to zoya for once. dilshad stops him from doing so, and enters zoya’s room herself. She is shocked to find that her stuff is there, but she isnt. Nazma points out that her Ipad and the purse too is here and she doesnt go anywhere without it. They wonder where is he. Asad is highly tensed. He sees the tavvez, that zoya had worn, left behind. as nazma offers to go outside and see, asad exclaims that she has gone. Her sister comes and tells her that seh has gone to New York, to be alone for some time. She begins to reprimand asad for being so close to zoya still being

She tells dilshad to tell them if she gets any info. As she leaves, dilshad too goes to her room. Nazma too leaves. Asad is very depressed, while tanveer is evilly smiling. She comes to asad, and places her hand on his, but he jerks it away, and leaves. Tanveer is irritated.

Dilshad says to Tanveer that even after doing such a stooped sin, she doesnt have a hint of regret on her face. she says that tanveer is quite intelligent and says that she hopes she understands her drift. or else she would have to say clearly. tanveer thinks that she had doen all this to stay, whereas she wants her to leave. And now that she is successful, why would she leave, as she is to stay here forever, as her daughter in law. The screen freezes on her evil face.

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