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I Do 1st Tuesday February 2022

On I Do 1st Tuesday February 2022: I Do 1 Tuesday February 2022, Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence and Rashid’s place
Alkl are confused as to what zoya is trying to say. zoya finally says that tanveer is lying, as she knows it. Asad says that tanveer is under a great stress, for various reasons, and she is accusing her. Zoya says that she’s definitely hiding something, and only tanver can tell them what is it. Tanver pretends to be very upset, and crying, she runs out of the room. Asad, giving a tough look on zoya, goes out of the room.

Dilshad says that it isnt that she’s doubting zoya, but tanveer is his best friend. She gets Rashid’s phoen, asking her not to disconnect, and she knows that she doesnt want to talk, but its his responsibility and right too to know about asad’s marriage preparations. dilshad cancels his phone. Asad comes in and says that she’s crying incoherently, saying that if everyone feels that she’s lying, then she would leave the house right away. Asad asks zoya her issues with tanveer,. and why is she accusing her. Zoya says that because she is. she says that she saw the bills, which showed tanver’s involvement. She says that tanver is definitely hiding something. She tells that tanveer hid the parcel in the bathroom, and told lie about it too. Asad says that he doesnt want to hear anything else from her, except for a sorry, as he cant let her go on an incoherent rant. Asad says that he wants zoya to apologize to tanveer, which she would have to do, and that she wont repeat it again. Zoya looks at tanveer, who is evilly smirking away. Tanhveer says that it isnt needed. Aasd says that it is, and goes to zoya saying that she may be right, but until she has the evidence she cant be believed, and hence he cant confront tanveer for the same, telling her that she wont let insult his friends like that.

Dilshad, saying that asad shouldnt prolong this now, apologizes for zoya, to tanveer. Zoya asks her not to do this, as if this is what asad wants, then she would do it. Tanveer is satisfied. She goes to tanveer, passing by asad, and facing her, says that she’s sorry and she apologizes for her mistake. Asad too isnt happy about this. Dilshad gets rashid’s call and again receives it, when she thought that she had cancelled it. Rashid thinks that this was zoya’s voice and hence there is a problem. Asad goes to tanveer and asks if she’s okay, and holds her hand, but she flinches it away saying that they still hurt after burn wounds. As asad takes tanveer away, to her room, zoya is very hurt.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Badi bi asks haseena and her relatives to try the koftes. The sister says that they indeed are very good, and is about to praise her when asked about her opinion. haseena says that she would try and tell how wrong and distasteful they are.
As she tries them on, haseena is shocked at such bitter taste. Badi bi asks her to take more, and not eat so less, only then would she be able to enjoy it. The sister says that they are very disgusting. Razia too comes in and says that there’s a beautiful delicacy spread out here. But haseena, having tasted the bitter taste, says that nikhat doesnt know anything about the kitchen.

Razia says that nikhat should know whats her fault and what does she like. Ayan too comes in. haseena says that numbers would fall short enumerating her wrongs. Haseena senses a stomach upset, and rushes to the bathroom, boggling everyone. then her sister too rushes there. Haseena sits back, after having come and then feels the need to go again. this continues both for her and her sister. Nikhat says that this happened because of her, and she would be blamed for this too. Badi bi goes to her and says that

Nikhat asks what happened. Haseena says that she mixed Jamaalghota in the dish, and now is asking what happened. Haseena tries to force feed nikhat, what she has made. Ayan tries to stop her, but

Her sister asks her to leave. She doesnt even let razia stop her. Badi bi thinks that

Ayan smiles.

As razia goes off to leave haseena and her relative

Ayan asks if she’s okay for this long journey, hinting at his digestive problem. Chandbi says that she has forgotten all

Ayan tells imran to take care of Nikhat as they are leaving her on his faith. razia leaves them off, telling chand bi to take care of the kids

Badi bi, coming from outside, is scared to see nikhat go. She asks

Badi bi says that its very far and the road too isnt nice.

Razia says that nikhat is with her inlaws, and if she feels they wont take care of her. Badi bi is speechless.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Imran’s car breaks down on the road. Waiting in the heat, Imran and Nikhat are getting restless. Imran offers to go and see what thed river is upto. But chandbi stops them, and goes herself. The driver, with the bonnet of his car up, is asked by chandbi, if he knows what he has been paid for. He says that he knows and that he wont mend the car till late evening. She asks loudly how far is the dargah from here. He says that its 2, 3 hours away. Chandbi goes and tells the kids that they should go on feet, and cover the 4,5 kms on foot only, despite imran being surprised at that. She insists them to start rightaway, saying that she doesnt have the strength to cover this distance on foot, and she would come aftre getting the car mended. She also takes the mobile and bag from them, saying that they wont be needing them as it is. After they are gone, chandbi thinks that haseena always is upto something, and involves her too in it. She calls up haseena to say that her work is done.

Scene 4:
location: Asad’s residence
As dilshad makes zoya choose jewellery, she finds zoya lost. she asks if she’s still upset about asad’s anger. zoya says that its not about the anger, but the trust that he never has on her. Dilshad says that its not that asad doesnt trust her. She says that asad is very emotional, and whenever there are any issues with people he is close to, he cant bear it, and zoya is the closest to him. She tells zoya that asad just wants her to get along with tanveer who is his best friend since childhood.

Tanveer is at the dining table. As nazma excitedly takes tanveer’s hand, and drags her to the drawing room, where jewellery is being selected, zoya remembers that tanveer had flinched the last time, asad held her hand, saying taht she hasnt recovered yet from the burn wounds, but she seemed unfazed, when nazma held her at the same spot. She is surprised and tensed as to what might be the cause of this, and her mind sets to work. zoya thinks that she would find out what is tanveer upto. The screen freezes on her face.

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