Happy Hearts Updates Wednesday 17th February 2022

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On Happy Hearts Updates Wednesday 17th February 2022: Happy Hearts Updates Wednesday 17 February 2022, The Episode starts with Happy telling Sandhya and Smiley the day’s experiences. She tells about Kulwant’s sickness and ego. Smiley gives marketing tips to Happy. Happy gets Chintu’s phone. She says I will return his phone to his family. She puts the phone on charging. Chintu recorded message plays. Happy smiles seeing him. He tells her about her family. Happy cries seeing his video. Everyone at home cry thinking of Chintu. He says I have taken a loan to fulfill my dream, I need your and family support to do this, I can’t manage this alone, Rocky is a kid, he got spoilt by Biji and mum’s love, but he is good hearted. Rocky makes Chintu’s pic on the wall and cries. Chintu says I m sure you will see Rocky’s good side one day, my hotel dream will bring everyone together, everyone will be proud, we will stay happy.

Happy gets ready for work. She says I m reaching in some time. Sandhya asks why are you lying. Happy says I have to lie to boss sometimes, I have urgent paper work in college. Rocky sees Chintu and gets shocked. He asks why did you go, everything went wrong. Chintu says yes, you landed in jail because of this anger. Rocky says nothing can get fine now, why did you leave me. Chintu says I m with you in your heart, you have to give me entry in your mind, you have to remember my words and understand it. Rocky says I can’t do this.

Chintu says follow my words, trust me once, this is last opportunity. Rocky asks what. Chintu says you will understand when time comes, I stay in your heart. He disappears. Rocky wakes up from dream. He catches the tea seller boy Chintu’s hand. Simmi asks Kulwant to take care of his health. Kulwant asks her not to say this again, house girls won’t work. Bhatia comes to meet them. Rocky smiles seeing Chintu arguing. He says he has your name and does things like Rocky. Happy comes there and sees Rocky. She talks to inspector. Rocky asks why did you come again. Inspector asks are you sure. He frees Rocky. Rocky comes out and scolds Happy.

He says I m not interested in your lecture. He goes back to lock up. Bhatia says I have come to help Rocky when Biji told me. Bhatia says I will buy the hotel land and this house to make a building, I can help you, I came here to make a deal. Happy sees Chintu’s drawing on wall. She asks Rocky is he not bored of being bad boy. She says people work hard to make image better, you work hard to ruin it, why. He says you don’t know anything about me, just go. She enters the cell and says you have to hear the lecture, its last chance for you to leave from here, you loved Chintu a lot. He says I will always love Chintu, don’t get him in between.

She asks him to check Chintu’s phone once. He throws the phone. She catches it and asks are you mad. He asks her to go. She plays the video. Rocky gets emotional seeing Chintu’s video. She says it would have been better if we didn’t meet in that marriage, Chintu is common between us, we both respect him, I have come here for Chintu’s sake, I have taken complaint back, your dad is in bad state, he is doing a field job, he has to manage house responsibility, you are his son, you can become a good son, you have a chance to prove it, I got you free, you have to decide what to do now.

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