Happy Hearts Updates Wednesday 10th march 2022

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On Happy Hearts Updates Wednesday 10th march 2022: Happy Hearts Updates Wednesday 10 march 2022, The Episode starts with Smilet asking who is it, leave me. Rocky is on the way and prays that Smiley is safe, and he reaches her to handle the matter. Ranveer goes to Smiley. Anaya is sad and tells RV that she got selected for the project. RV says congrats. She says I m going for three years. He says I m not going anywhere, when you return, I will be here, I m just yours, I promise. She hugs him. Happy and Sandhya worry for Smiley. Simmi says Rocky had messaged her to come out. Rocky is on the way. Inspector says so two people are missing, Rocky is like a goon, right. Ranveer’s phone rings. He gets away. Kulwant asks police to track Rocky’s phone. Ranveer answers RV’s call and lies to him. Happy asks Sandhya not to worry, they will find Smiley. Inspector says Rocky’s phone is traced. Smiley gets a rod and beats Ranveer and his friends. Rocky reaches there. Ranveer sees him and signs his friends to run. Rocky gets shocked seeing Smiley tied up. He runs to save her. He says I have come. Ranveer gets angry and hits on his head.

Rocky falls unconscious over Smiley. Smiley asks him to get away. Ranveer keeps his phone back. The family and police come there and find Rocky with Smiley. They get mistaken. Rocky gets conscious and sees everyone. Kulwant says you crossed all limits. He slaps Rocky. Rocky says I came here to help Smiley, they kidnapped Smiley. Rocky gets arrested. Inspector says you think we are fools, everyone has seen your dirty deed. Rocky says you all got mad, how did you think of this, I had come here to save Smiley. He says Happy, I m not wrong, give me one chance to explain. Kulwant says what will you explain, we have seen you lying over Smiley. Smiley says ask him to stay away. Sandhya says take him away. Rocky says I m not wrong, listen to me. Rocky says Smiley is like my sister, you know I can’t do this, I want to protect you all, you trust me right, Happy. He is arrested and taken away. Happy cries and hugs Smiley.

Madhu defends Rocky. Kulwant says he has bad blood. She says he is much different from that devil. He says I have seen Rocky molesting Smiley, she was screaming for help. He says I failed to raise Rocky well. Madhu says I don’t believe this, my son can’t do anything wrong. He says you have always protected Rocky, you got blind. She says I know he is innocent, support me else not, but I m with my son. She goes.

Rocky tells inspector that he didn’t do this. Smiley cries. Rocky shouts call Happy once, she will understand me, call her. Smiley gets afraid to give the statement. Inspector gets a call. He says statement is taken against you, you should be in jail. Rocky scolds him. Inspector bashes him up. Bappi comes with Madhu. Bappi stops the inspector. Madhu says don’t beat him, he didn’t do anything. RV sees Rocky’s arrest news. He says I can’t believe that we were doing business with this criminal, Smiley would be facing a trauma, Rocky should get punished. Ranveer gets worried. Anaya asks RV to calm down. Inspector says Smiley has to give statement. Madhu says what statement, no one is hearing Rocky, Happy has done this, she wants to frame Rocky. Inspector asks her to get out. Sandhya scolds Madhu. Smiley also names Rocky. Madhu gets shocked. Inspector says Rocky, FIR is lodged against you, court will decide about your life now. Rocky says call Happy.

Sania recalls Rocky and holds the proof of his innocence. She says don’t worry, I have proof of your innocence, you are my best friend, you will regret that you left me and chose Happy, wrong choice, I will save you, then you will come back to me right.

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