Happy Hearts Updates Tuesday 9th march 2022

On Happy Hearts Updates Tuesday 9th march 2022: Happy Hearts Updates Tuesday 9 march 2022, The Episode starts with Rocky, Happy and everyone dancing in the holi party. Sar ghume chakkar khaye…..plays…. Ranveer goes to stop Smiley and insults her for having so manners to attend guests. Smiley asks will you teach me, get out of my way. He says you will call Rocky right. She throws water on his face. Rocky smiles seeing Happy. Sania is around. Ranveer goes after Smiley. She goes to RV. RV says we are just leavng, I didn’t see Rocky and Happy anywhere. Happy dances inside the house and runs. Rocky catches her and asks what did you drink, tell me. She says fine, I will tell you. She runs to her room and says I can run away from anywhere, I will ride this cycle and run away. He asks do you know cycle riding. She says yes, you can teach me.

He asks will I teach you if you say. She says yes, I have a right on you. He says you have all the right on me, tell me some thing, what rights do I have. Sania enters the house and says Rocky and Happy are together in Rocky’s room. She goes with a revolver. Simmi comes and asks do you want water. Sania hides the gun. Happy says just command me, I will always fulfill the promise. Rocky says fine. They lie down on the bed. Sania goes. Guggi says I want to find Happy and Rocky, RV wants to bid them bye. Sania says they can’t know my plan, I should leave. Rocky takes Happy’s permission and goes to her. Janam janam….plays.. He applies her holi color by his cheek. They hug. Happy sees Chintu’s pic on the wall. She thinks of her marriage with Chintu. She thinks of Rocky’s words. She pushes Rocky away.

She says don’t touch me, its wrong. He asks what happened. She says I m working with you, we are friends, this can’t happen between us, how did you think of this. He asks what did I think wrong, you and I have shared something. She says we can’t be together, I know you can brainwash any girl by your charm, you have a record of 18 girlfriends in three years, you can take any girl with you. He says you are talking nonsense. She says you can’t respect girls, why would you respect me, why did I think that I m safe with you, nothing can happen between us, all this is wrong. She runs away and locks herself in the bathroom. She cries. Rocky angrily leaves.

Simmi asks what happened. Rocky goes and gets a thandai drink. He says I wanted to tell you that I want to see you happy, you didn’t listen to me. Happy washes off the colors from her face and recalls Rocky’s words. He thinks of Happy’s words. Chintu’s pic gets falling by his hand. Kulwant holds the pic and asks Rocky is he drunk. He says we are celebrating holi for chintu’s sake, you aren’t a better person, will you celebrate holi this way. He slaps Rocky and says you said you would do a lot for Chinty, you lied. Rocky asks him to say whatever he wants. He gets angry and goes out. Ranveer says my friend Monty also had holi celebration, can I go there. RV says fine. Ranveer sees Smiley and smiles. Happy says I should have talked to Rocky well. Simmi asks are you fine. Happy says yes, where is Rocky. Simmi says don’t know, he went out in a bad mood. Rocky drops his phone and goes. Ranveer sees this and says its our lucky day today. He picks Rocky’s phone. Smiley says why is Rocky messaging me.

Happy goes to talk to Rocky and stops him from drinking. He asks who are you to talk to me, go away. She says I m sorry, I know you are hurt, I was shocked, try to understand. He says you are right, I have a good record, I m a player and get advantage of girls, right. She says I m sorry. He says I don’t want your sorry, everyone knows who I m, a crazy goon, I won’t become a good person, I don’t even want to change, I will be evil and do the unimaginable, just go, else it will be much wrong. Happy cries and runs away. Sania looks on. Smiley goes out. Happy cries and doesn’t see Smiley. Smiley gets kidnapped. Rocky hears Smiley and runs to see. Sania sees him. Smiley shouts for help. Happy says Rocky is missing. She calls Smiley. Ranveer checks the phone and throws it. Rocky follows the car and gets Smiley’s phone. Happy doesn’t see Rocky and Smiley anywhere.

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