Happy Hearts Updates Tuesday 2nd March 2022

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On Happy Hearts Updates Tuesday 2nd March 2022: Happy Hearts Updates Tuesday 2 March 2022, The Episode starts with Happy asking Rocky to wear good clothes. She checks his wardrobe and gets a suit. She says this will go with the occasion, a formal suit, wear this. Rocky says Chintu has brought this for me. She says then wear it today, you will look great. Happy gets dressed up and comes, wearing a black saree. Happy and Rocky compliment each other. Humdum mere…..plays…. Kulwant gets happy when someone asks the way to the hotel. He guides the people and wishes that the event goes on well. He says Chintu’s dream has become our dream now, it will be fulfilled. Sania asks her men to inform her when something happens. She says I will wait for their destruction. She takes some pills. Grover likes the arrangements. Grover says Anaya and RV will really like this. Happy thanks him. Smiley asks Happy did she check the cake. Happy says don’t take stress, mum has made this. Happy tells Grover that the cake has something unique.

Madhu and Sandhya make the menu dishes ready. Smiley asks for starters. She asks Biji to decorate the starters. Biji agrees. She says Smiley talks a lot, Sandhya make sure she doesn’t go out of hands. Sandhya gets silent. Smiley gets angry seeing Ranveer. He acts good in front of Grover. She goes. Ranveer stares at her. His friend stops him. Ranveer says I will get award for best son and best brother. He gets RV’s car and asks where are you. Anaya and RV come there. Anaya likes the arrangements and asks him to come. RV says I will see you inside. Happy and Rocky go out. They see a lamp not lit. Rocky goes to check the switch. Happy gets tangled up in the wires. RV comes there and sees Happy tangled in the disco lights. He stares at Happy and smiles. He goes. Rocky comes and smiles seeing Happy. Happy asks what if I got a shock. Rocky says you might have got fine by the shock, you look like a ghost, come its time for cake cutting. Biji goes to get the Gulab jamun from the cake. Simmi comes. Biji stops.

Grover calls Happy and Rocky, and introduces them to RV. RV shakes hands with Happy and congratulates her. She says Anaya’s smile shows that she likes the decorations. Anaya says great job. RV says its impossible to match her expectations. Happy says we will match your expectations all the time, we will work so well. Grover says its time for the birthday cake to get cut. Happy goes to get it.

Biji murmurs, no one lets me eat the gulab jamun. Rocky gets the champagne bottle. Biji eats one jamun. Happy takes the cake. Happy goes to get the knife. Sandhya passes it. Grover says I have never seen such a cake before, its a novel idea. Ranveer sees Smiley getting the knife. Rocky lights the candles. Biji vomits. Everyone asks what happened. Biji says I had a Gulab Jamun. Happy says it means, the cake…. She runs out. Happy signs to Rocky.

Ranveer takes a selfie. Anaya cuts the cake. Happy thinks to stop them from eating the cake. Anaya goes to feed the cake to her dad. Smiley drops the marbles. Ranveer falls down and kicks the cake. Everyone gets shocked. Ranveer gets up and says so sorry. Happy gives him tissues to clean up his face. Rocky asks how did the marbles come on the floor. Rocky sees Smiley with the box. Happy says the jar of marbles would have fallen, no stress, this will get cleaned up. She asks Ranveer to clean his clothes.

Ranveer says its okay. Happy says everything got cleared, its good luck when someone spills like in Punjabi wedding. RV smiles hearing her. She says this time, I didn’t do this, someone else did this, its a competition for me. Rocky laughs and asks competition. Happy says you must be thinking that I paid Rocky to laugh on my job, now that’s a bad deal, right. Everyone laughs. Happy says the cake theme was fusion, cake fell down, its a big confusion, we are great people, the theme of party was Hollywood Classic, cake fell, but we are still stuck to the theme, a new tasty cake will be here soon. She goes to Rocky and says Biji got sick. He asks what.

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