Happy Hearts Updates Tuesday 23rd February 2022

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On Happy Hearts Updates Tuesday 23rd February 2022:  Happy Hearts Updates Tuesday 23 February 2022, The Episode starts with Happy taking a plastic knife and going to scold Chintu. She yells at him for sending a marriage proposal for her. He asks her to give her one chance to explain. She agrees. He says I didn’t know dad will do this. She says you would have told your dad that you love me. He says sorry, I got emotional and told him.

She asks why did you tell him. He says I didn’t know he will take my words seriously, my family doesn’t like me. She says I didn’t ask them to like me, what, this is an insult, don’t they like me. He says no, me, dad, my sisters like you. She says I can’t keep everyone happy, why am I thinking this, I just know that I don’t want to marry, I will get a job soon. He says I had dreamt us together, fine I will tell them to cancel this. She goes. He says she is looking so cute, I couldn’t tell her. Rocky comes and stops Happy. She asks him to learn driving a bike and car. He scolds her for coming for a date with Chintu. She denies. They argue.

She asks him to go Chintu and learn the matter himself. She goes. Rocky goes and finds Chintu upset. Rocky says I won’t let this marriage happen. Chintu says its not happening, she refused for marriage, I will tell dad that marriage cancelled. Rocky asks how dare she refuse to marry you. Chintu says she has different aspirations, she wants to do a job, marriage cancelled. Rocky hugs him and says cheers. He calls Bua and says matter is closed. He gets shocked. Happy asks what…. Chintu gets shocked seeing Pratap getting Happy’s shagun and fixing the marriage. Pratap lies that Happy is happy with the alliance. Chintu asks did Happy agree. Pratap says yes, we shall fix roka. Kulwant agrees. Chintu asks did Happy really agree for this.

Pratap says yes, girls always hesitate, Biji found everything about you, we found everything fine, when Happy comes here, she will blend in with the family well. Chintu says everything is happening so soon. Biji says I was saying the same. Kulwant’s wife Madhu says we will fix the date and inform you. Pratap says sure. He leaves. Kulwant argues with Madhu. Madhu says I will fix everything about marriage. Kulwant asks Chintu to go and handle his mum. Happy cuts the dry grass in stress. Happy asks Sandhya to handle this, Pratap can’t decide everything, everyone has a right to decide for their lives, it concerns my dreams for you and Smiley. Sandhya says don’t worry for us. Happy says I will worry for you, I m your daughter, I see what you tolerate for us, how can I think about myself and settle down. Sandhya says this relation has no flaw, how can you get a job in one day and buy a house and car. Happy says we can slowly make our life better, let me try once. Sandhya gives her a day’s time. She says if you fail in one day, your marriage will get fixed.

Biji argues with Kulwant and asks him not to make Happy their Bahu. She says we have hidden Rocky’s dangerous secret, Happy will enquire about it, do you think we can hide this from her. Kulwant asks her not to mention that secret. She asks can you make Happy quiet. He says just you, Madhu and I know about that secret, Happy will soon adapt to the ways of this house, but nobody will talk about that secret ever. He goes. She says you are not understanding, I have seen rebellion in Happy’s eyes, if she opens up Rocky’s secret, all our respect will be ruined.

Happy asks what will happen in one day, its wrong. Sandhya says things change in a moment, if you fail, then this marriage will happen. Happy prays and cries.

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