Happy Hearts Updates Tuesday 16th march 2022

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On Happy Hearts Updates Tuesday 16th march 2022: Happy Hearts Updates Tuesday 16 march 2022, The Episode starts with Rocky coming home in disguise. Biji asks the men to spray medicine for pest control. He recalls dropping the cockroaches in kitchen at night. Sandhya stops him and gives his belonging. The man asks Rocky not to do anything that they get caught. Rocky goes out and sees his family. Biji and Madhu have a talk. Madhu sees Rocky and goes to him. He acts busy in work and avoids her. She says come out when your work is done, I have made tea. He touches her feet by an excuse. She goes. Kulwant comes. Rocky looks on. Kulwant asks where is Happy. Biji and Madhu don’t answer him about Happy. Kulwant gets angry. Sandhya comes and says Happy left without having food, she is so busy in her work. Kulwant asks how did she go. Rocky sees Smiley and Guggi. Smiley refuses to attend the event. She says I won’t come, there will be boys, I won’t be comfortable. Guggi says it will be good change for you. Sandhya asks Smiley to do what she wants.

Rocky says I can’t see all this, I m leaving. He jumps off the window. Happy washes her face and gets ready. She goes to the hotel to manage the work. Sandhya asks Kulwant to have food on time. Kulwant says Happy is working for this family, Biji and Madhu aren’t bothered for this, they should behave well with her, for how long will they behave this way, they have tormented her so much, I have been watching this since three years. She says Madhu and Biji have made Smiley a part of their family, they care for her happiness and comfort, despite the differences between us, they have let us stay here. He says its not a big deal, its their responsibility, I wanted to protect you and your children, so that you stay away from troubles and live in peace, I could give protection, but not happiness, I want to see Happy truly happy once.

Happy instructs the staff members and new interns. Rocky comes to the hotel. He gets amazed seeing the lavish hotel. He sees Happy leaving. He goes to Happy. He stops seeing RV coming. RV comes to Happy. Rocky passes by. RV says there is a bad news, I m joking Happy, you lecture everyone to smile, how can you be sad, our hotel got the permit. She hugs him happily. Rocky looks on. RV says congrats. Happy says its impossible that you fail to do something, thanks, you have turned every wrong of our life into right. RV says I need your signs for the formalities. She says I will handle the matter and come. She goes. Rocky follows her. Rocky saves her from getting hurt. They fall down. His hand gets hurt by the glass piece. RV comes to Happy and asks are you fine.

She says its okay, he needs my first, he needs first aid, I felt as I know him and met him before. Rocky leaves. She asks did you see him RV. RV says no, I couldn’t see his face, I was only looking at you. Happy says he needs help. He says its okay, you also need first aid. Rocky says I went to home and hotel, its time for the next step. He whistles. Madhu says this is Rocky’s whistle. She stops the auto and sees him. He turns away. He takes an auto and leaves. She shouts Rocky. She doesn’t see him and gets sad. He looks on sad. RV takes care of Happy. Happy says I m worried for Sardar ji, he got much hurt. He says you can see everyone’s pain, except your pain.

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