Happy Hearts Updates Tuesday 16th February 2022

On Happy Hearts Updates Tuesday 16th February 2022: Happy Hearts Updates Tuesday 16 February 2022, The Episode starts with Happy crying and thinking of Chintu. She says you were the only one with a good heart. She apologizes to Chintu for hurting his heart. She talks to Smiley about Chintu. The man comes home and tells Kulwant about Chintu’s big loan. Biji thinks for whom did he take this loan. Happy says I will earn money and return the money to Chintu. She pacifies Sandhya, reminding her dad’s words. Sandhya says I didn’t think this will happen with you. Happy says Lord has taken Chintu when he was supporting us, Lord wants us to be independent women. Kulwant says I have to go office, if we don’t pay loan, we will be out of the house. Biji says if Rocky comes out of jail… Kulwant says its the same, its Chintu’s loan, I will pay it alone. Biji asks how will you do this.

Kulwant says I will do anything, I have to find out why Chintu took that loan. He leaves. Happy gets the job. She learns about the job tasks. The manager says we have made a team, come and meet your team mate. He introduces Kulwant. Kulwant says I don’t want any girl in my team. The manager asks is there any problem. Happy says no, all is well. Kulwant says just give me a guy in my team. The manager says its tough today, I will do some setting tomorrow. He gives them the list and asks them to tell customer about their best water purifier. They leave. Kulwant stays upset with Happy. Rocky catches a boy and asks him why is he stealing. The boy argues. Rocky asks why don’t you study in school, tell me your name, I will get your admission done. The boy says Chintu. Rocky gets sad and recalls Chintu. Kulwant recalls Chintu.

Happy asks are you fine, this work has physical hardwork, don’t do this. Kulwant says I m not helpless to work with you, you do your work, I will do my work, I don’t need your help. He goes ahead. She says he will be annoyed with me. Biji and Sania come to meet Rocky. Biji assures that Bhatia will save Rocky. Mansi looks on. Sania asks Mansi to tell Happy that she will pay for this. Mansi says Rocky’s case is sensitive, he will lose somehow, just Happy can get him out. Happy goes to sell purifiers. She gets tired. She sells a purifier and gets cheque. She thanks the old couple. She says just one is sold, how will I sell ten units. Kulwant gets tired. Happy sees a speeding car. She rushes and saves Kulwant. She asks are you fine. She gives him water. Kulwant cries for Chintu. Happy worries for him. Kulwant says our house girls don’t work, I got old, but I can’t make girls work for running the family, I will manage the family. He leaves.

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