Happy Hearts Updates Sunday 28th February 2022

On Happy Hearts Updates Sunday 28th February 2022: Happy Hearts Updates Sunday 28 February 2022, The Episode starts with Biji and Madhu thinking to do something. Ranveer drives his car inside and hits Karan. Smiley gets into an argument with Ranveer. Rocky comes and stops Dhruv. He warns Ranveer and hurts him. Happy comes and learns the matter. She scolds Dhruv. Rocky says I m dealing with him, stay back. Dhruv says I will make sure you lose the contract, I m Ranveer Shroff, RV’s brother. Happy says we are working for Grover. Ranveer gives his card and says Grover and Shroff are business partners. He tries to boss around. Rocky warns him and asks him to get lost. Happy recalls what Rocky did with her before.

Ranveer says I will deal with you, stay here. Happy goes. Rocky asks where did Happy go. Smiley says maybe she went after Ranveer. Rocky goes. Sania gets angry and throws things. She says I won’t let Happy and Rocky get successful. Bunty gives her pills. Sania says I m your daughter dad, I have a plan ready, this time I won’t leave Happy and Rocky. Happy goes to Ranveer and scolds him. She defends Rocky. She says you think you are a rich brat so you got license to trouble girls, call Mr. Grover and tell what you did. He says you will lose the contract. She says no contract is imp than dignity, I will get you arrested, call him. Ranveer’s friend apologizes and asks her to drop the matter. He takes Ranveer with him.

Happy Hearts Updates Saturday 27th February 2022

Rocky asks Smiley why did you argue with that guy, you should have called me. Happy says she should have slapped him, we are not weak helpless beings. Rocky says I m saying right, you don’t know such guys, if they lose senses, they will do anything. Happy says like you took revenge on me, you know those guys, as they are like you, you forgot how you misbehaved with me, you are also a goon, like them, Rocky decide what you want to become, you are not a hero. He says you are right, who am I, I m also a goon, I was trying to be a hero, I m also a goon after all, all of you stay away from me. He goes. Happy says I called mummy here to take help, don’t tell this to her, don’t stress her. Sania asks the goons to do their work.

Bhatia says you are just like me, Rocky will go to jail now, Sania will help me. Kajal says you scolded Happy a lot, he fought for Smiley, he maybe narrow minded, but his intentions were right, he protected Smiley, he knows what you said, he must be regretting also, he changed a lot, you compared him with Ranveer, you insulted him by calling him a goon. Happy says I was already upset and… Sandhya comes. Ranveer gets angry and says my brother will solve the case, I m not scared. His friends ask him not to forget that RV is a man of principles, he will put him in jail. Ranveer says I will make sure that those guys pay hard. Rocky cuts the wood log in anger. Happy asks are you planning for a bonfire, why are you cutting the wood. She also helps and says your anger will melt down soon. He asks her to go. She gets hurt.

He worries for her. They have a moment. She says I m fine, are you angry or anxious. He says you joke, talk nice and then insult me, I m mad and stupid. She says sorry I scolded you a lot, what happened in our past… He says we can’t be friends, I know you hate me and didn’t forgive me. She says I don’t hate you, I have forgiven you, its not easy to forget whatever happened, I m not Ghajini to forget everything, I m Happy, I overreact by recalling all that, I m sorry. Bunty says dad we know Sania is mentally unstable, you want to use her anger against Khosla. Bhatia says let her do what she wants, her mindset has improved.

Bunty says this is not happening right. Rocky says even I didn’t forget, I curse myself, we have issues, but Smiley is family to me, I will save her, I wanted to protect her, I don’t want her to be at risk. Happy says I know you are not old Rocky, your heart has changed after Chintu’s death, I know you did right today, you did that for Smiley’s betterment. He says I will not leave that guy. She says our fight will go on, but that doesn’t mean we are enemies, lets forget this. He smiles. She says show me, a smile works wonders on your face, you don’t look bad, smile more, lets be friends. They shake hands. Mana ke hum yaar nahi….plays…. They see the lights decorations.

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