Happy Hearts Updates Sunday 21st march 2022

On Happy Hearts Updates Sunday 21st march 2022: Happy Hearts Updates Sunday 21 march 2022, The Episode starts with Kulwant scolding Madhu. She defends Rocky. She gets blaming Happy. She says she didn’t wish to leave from here, she didn’t do any favor on us, you wanted her to run the money. She shouts on Happy. She says she is fulfilling your dream, not mine, my son has been rotting in jail because of this girl and her fake case, you don’t trust Rocky, but Biji and I trust him, I wish Happy gets punished for her deeds, she suffers the same way as I m suffering, I want her to feel the same pain like Rocky, his life is ruined because of her. They go. Happy cries.

Happy says I have to meet all the patients. She asks doctor to tell her what he needs for the treatments. Doctor says everyone will be fine soon. Rocky comes there as sardar and asks about the people’s safety. Nancy says everyone is fine now. Happy asks about the kid. Nancy says he is fine, his parents are getting checkup done now. Happy apologizes to the people. The people argue with Happy and blame her. She apologizes. They get angry and pelt stones at her. Happy leaves from there. Rocky saves her from getting hurt. He stops the people while she leaves in the car. Grover says we can’t do anything even if this is a plan, I don’t think we can revive this hotel. Happy hears this and cries.

She says everything is over, nothing is left, I have let everyone down. RV says I will fix everything. The man says the sauna repair guys have done this, its confirmed, those guys cancelled the repair request and then came with fake IDs, they pretended as the service guys. Happy asks who want to ruin us. RV says I know Happy, who did this. He goes to Bhatia’s house. He beats up the guards and also Bhatia. He says you caused the gas leak in the hotel, I will not leave you. Sania stops RV. RV warns them. She asks him not to touch her dad again, back off. He says Sania darling, you people need us more than we need you, don’t mistake our needs as helplessness, I know you all did this, if you are around Happy and hotel, I will not spare you. Sania asks him to just leave. He leaves. She asks Bhatia is he okay.

Chintu says I was spying on Bhatia’s house, RV had come there and beaten them a lot, I have watched all this. Rocky says its all set, now we are going to Dubai. Rocky meets some people in a lavish hotel. The man says the team of fashion designers are ready to come. Rocky says call them. He sees his fake passports. The lady says look at yourself for the final time, then you won’t be able to recognize yourself. He recalls Happy. He thinks now the real game with begin. After three days, Happy says media has ruined our hotel, only some angel can help us now. Grover says I got an angel to help, I spoke to the agent of a wealthy investor, he is a rich man in Dubai, I checked his background, he invested in such distressed projects and it becomes a success story, they believe that they can make our loss a win. RV says strange, that they called us, is this a new trap. Grover says maybe, it looked amazing to hear, agent said he is ready to keep same management, it means we will run the hotel. RV says no, we can’t trust any stranger, its a big risk.

Kulwant comes to meet Happy. He asks her to have food. She says I m not hungry. He says have food at least for my sake, remember what Chintu used to say, first have food and then do your work. She says you still have faith in me, you didn’t lose the hope. She recalls Chintu’s words. She says I have failed. He says I m disappointed with you, I didn’t expect this from you, that you would give up so easily, my heart didn’t lose hope, you are my tigress, you can’t lose, you have much courage, one who has courage faces problems, such people find way no matter what, I know you will always find your path. He encourages her. Happy goes to RV and says we have to run the hotel, we will meet the investor and evaluate his deal in every way, its no harm, he is our last hope, who knows, he can revamp our business. RV says fine, lets meet him once. Grover says his name is Shaan Randhawa, he is coming from Dubai tomorrow, maybe he changes the fate of our hotel, all the best.

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