Happy Hearts Updates Sunday 14th February 2022

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On Happy Hearts Updates Sunday 14th February 2022: Happy Hearts Updates Sunday 14 February 2022, The EpisodeHappy Hearts Updates Sunday 14th February 2022 starts with Happy and everyone crying for Chintu. They see Chintu and ask him to get up. Madhu says I won’t be annoyed with you, get up. Biji says he has passed away. They all cry. Happy breaks her bangles. Rocky asks Sania to delete Chintu’s number from his phone and also remove his pic from his home. He says I don’t have any relation with Chintu now. She says Simmi is calling you. He asks her not to answer. Simmi calls again. Rocky answers and asks what happened, can’t you wait, did anyone die. He gets a shock and falls down the jeep. Sania runs to him. He shouts on Lord and asks why did you snatch my Chintu. Sania cries. Rocky falls down on the road and cries. Happy thinks of Chintu and cries. She sees his blood on her forehead. She gets Sandhya’s call and answers. Sandhya asks where are you. Happy cries. Everyone mourns for Chintu. Madhu says Chintu has fought with us for your sake, what did you do for him, what did you do with him, you are a witch, you had killed him. Happy cries. Biji throws out Happy.

Sandhya comes to Happy. Happy says it was an accident, I tried hard to save him. Sandhya says I know. Happy says why does Lord do this with me, why does Lord snatch the people who care for me, Chintu left me. Everyone thinks of Chintu’s words and cry. Rocky comes there and cries for Chintu. He asks Chintu to get up, they could sort it out and end the fight. He says now there is no one to show my mistakes and correct me, why did you leave me. Kulwant angrily beats Rocky and says you are responsible for all this, you should have died instead Chintu, he has taken your punishment on his head, this is your fault.

Rocky says fine, I m bad, I accept this. Kulwant throws him out. Rocky begs him not to make him away from Chintu’s final rites. Kulwant asks him to leave. Everyone asks Kulwant to stop it. Kulwant says he can’t be my son, ask him to leave. Rocky says I know you don’t consider me your son, I mean nothing to you, but Chintu will always be my brother, you have no right to stop me from coming to his funeral. He goes. Everyone cries. Kulwant says Rocky isn’t our son, Chintu has left us, its my mistake to let this happen, letting a crime happen is also a crime, injustice happened, whenever I see Rocky, it reminds me of that incident, today Chintu also left us, I m such an unfortunate father. He cries. Rocky says Lord snatched my brother. He drinks wine to die and meet Chintu. He cries for Chintu. He says I got homeless, where will I go now. A guy asks him not to cry. Rocky says get my brother back. A boy comes and says I have come first, take these chocolates for you and Chintu. Rocky cries and throws the wine bottle.

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