Happy Hearts Updates Saturday 20th February 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Happy Hearts Updates Saturday 20th February 2022: Happy Hearts Updates Saturday 20 February 2022, The Episode starts with Doctor treating Kulwant. Happy thinks to make property papers again, since it got spoiled. Biji and everyone come home, and get angry seeing Happy. Biji asks Kulwant is he fine. Kulwant says I m fine. He stops Happy and thanks her for saving him and their house. He says she had come before Rocky and saved my life. Simmi thanks and helps Happy. Rocky tells inspector about Bhatia’s crime. Inspector says you want to drag his name without any evidence. He scolds Rocky. Bhatia comes and tries to strike a new deal with Rocky. Rocky refuses and says a hotel will be built by my brother’s name. He goes.

Bhatia asks inspector to keep an eye on him. Rocky comes home. Madhu slaps him for cheating them and taking Kulwant’s sign. Rocky cries. He apologizes and asks her to give him one chance, he will do anything to fulfill Chintu’s dream. Rocky sees Happy. She goes. Madhu hugs Rocky. Happy walks on the road. Rocky goes to help her. He worries for her and follows the auto she hires. She pays the fare and gets down the auto. He calls her family. She sits in Rocky’s jeep. He drops her home. She recalls Chintu’s words. She says maybe you are good at heart, Bhatia is evil, he is using his power for bad work, I understood this when he accused me and my mom. Rocky recalls this. She says if men don’t respect women, they can’t be trusted. She explains him not to believe Bhatia.

She says men have to make women feel safe, women shouldn’t be scared of men. She goes. Rocky comes home and says I thought Happy is wrong and did this to save you, my ways were wrong, I didn’t want to hurt anyone intentionally. He promises to set things fine and prove him right. Happy talks to Chintu’s pic. Rocky is at the bank. He calls Bappi. Happy says I m ready to go to Chandigarh. Manager says great. She goes to the bank. Rocky explains the project to bank manager. He gets angry when the manager doesn’t show interest.

The manager scolds him. Rocky apologizes and asks him to read the project file once. The man tears the plan papers. Rocky beats him. Happy comes and looks on. Rocky is thrown out. He comes home. Doctor tells him about Kulwant’s need for pacemaker, so that he survives. He asks Rocky to arrange money. Rocky gets shocked. He asks how will I do it now, chintu used to tell me that I have to get responsible, I didn’t pay heed to his words. Happy is confused to leave Amritsar. Smiley asks her what’s left in the city now. Happy recalls Chintu.

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