Happy Hearts Updates Saturday 13th march 2022

On Happy Hearts Updates Saturday 13th march 2022: Happy Hearts Updates Saturday 13 march 2022, The Episode starts with Rocky saying I just want to meet Happy once, I m innocent, the culprit is on the loose. Bappi says I m helpless. Sania sees the evidence video and says Rocky, you are very innocent, you did a mistake to choose Happy over me, I have taken revenge, just get rotten in jail. She shows the video to Bhatia and rejoices her victory. She says the real culprit is this guy. Bhatia gets shocked.

Grover gets the shocking video and gets shocked. He says Ranveer…. Bhatia says I know Ranveer and RV are like your sons, its good I got this video, if anyone else got this, your name and respect would have got tarnished, I really want to help you, I want to offer my friendship to you. Grover says tell me clearly, what do you want. Bhatia says my business is such that I need people like you, I want you to handle all my cases in future. RV comes and takes the phone from Grover. He gets shocked seeing the video. Rocky says I had gone to save Smiley, why am I suffering, why is the world against me, Happy is not coming to meet me, she should have come once. He hits his head on the bars. He faints. Inspector stops him and asks constable to take Rocky to hospital.

RV beats up Ranveer and asks how dare you, I have become a lawyer to punish such criminals, my brother has become a criminal. Ranveer says I was drugged, my friends wanted to do this. RV says I have seen that video, did I give you these values, you have become a monster. Ranveer apologizes. RV says you have done a bad crime, I will never forgive you Ranveer, I won’t let you do such mistake again, its my responsibility. RV sees his mum’s pic and recalls her last words. He had promised his mum that he will always take care of Ranveer.

Grover comes to him. RV says I failed uncle, I had promised mum, that I will take care of Ranveer and make him a good human, I failed to become a good son and good brother, what did Ranveer do with Smiley. Happy hugs Smiley and puts her to sleep. Rocky gets treated in the hospital. Doctor says I have given him medicines, he will have to be here tonight. Inspector says fine. Doctor sees Rocky gone and shouts. Inspector says he would have not gone too far. Kulwant comes to meet Sandhya. He asks how is Smiley. She says she isn’t fine. Kulwant apologizes and says I will do anything to help Smiley. Rocky comes to meet Happy and says I have come to tell you that I didn’t do anything wrong, just look into my eyes once.

Happy gets away. He says we had a fight outside the hotel, I had said that things in anger, I have seen some people putting Smiley in car, I followed them to save her, Sania came to help me and then she lied, she is taking revenge, if you think this about me, I will be hurt, you are the only one who knows me, I was a wrong man, arrogant and ill mannered, but I have changed, we have supported each other, how can you think of this, Smiley is like my sister. Smiley comes there and shouts seeing him. Happy asks Smiley to relax. Sandhya scolds Rocky and says I will call the police. Rocky says they are lying, I didn’t do anything. Kulwant slaps Rocky.

He asks Rocky to better die. He beats Rocky and asks why did you come here. He says I thought whatever your dad did to ruin our family pride, it was enough, you are ahead of your dad, I raised you since many years, I thought I will defeat the demon in you, I thought I will take you away from your dad, my values and good intention will win over that evil man’s blood, but I was wrong. Rocky and Happy get shocked. Kulwant says you are evil like your dad, you are not my son. He sits down crying and says my brother had misbehaved with my wife, he molested her and then Rocky was born, we have done so much for Rocky, we accepted him in family, we raised him with a hope that maybe he won’t become a bad person like his dad, he is the son of that filthy man, a devil’s son is a devil. Rocky gets shocked and cries.

Rocky says you are lying, I m your son. Police comes and arrests Rocky. Kulwant pushes Rocky. Rocky says I m your son, I didn’t do anything. He asks Happy to keep her trust, everything will be fine. Happy cries and says we have seen Rocky changing, he was protective about Smiley and me, don’t get angry, think about it, whatever his dad told now, how Rocky was treated till now, we can’t judge the person by his birth, its wrong. Sandhya says you have seen how Rocky had done that cheap thing with Smiley. Happy says maybe we are not seeing the truth. RV says nothing is more imp to me than justice, when my brother has committed this crime, my responsibility to get justice has got bigger. Grover says you have to do what is right, I know that you know what is right. He goes.

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