Happy Hearts Updates Saturday 13th February 2022

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On Happy Hearts Updates Saturday 13th February 2022: Happy Hearts Updates Saturday 13 February 2022, The Episode starts with Rocky hiding from Chintu. Chintu picks Happy in his car and goes. Rocky says I will not spare Happy. Chintu and Happy meet someone for her job. The man goes to attend a call. Happy slips. Chintu holds her in arms. O re piya…..plays…. He says sorry. She says I should say sorry, I vented my anger on you. He says I know you are tolerating a lot, I would have shifted with you if it was possible, but I have to be with my family to fulfill my responsibilities, sorry. She asks him to never leave family, family is most imp, he is helping her a lot already. She says I will go home and have food. She asks him to have food prepared by Sandhya. The man says the lift is faulty, repair work is going on, you can go by that lift, workers are using it. Happy says we can’t wait for hours, we shall go by using this lift. The man goes. Happy and Chintu take the other lift.

Chintu says I have sent you a number, Bappi will manage everything if I m not in your contact. He says we shall wait for some time, it looks risky, I doubt on it. Happy says have faith on yourself, don’t worry and come with me. Biji and Madhu come to Sandhya and argue with her. They warn Sandhya. They say don’t send her to us, we want to get rid of her, if anything happens to Chintu, we will not leave her. The lift trolley gets scared. Happy says why did this stop suddenly. Chintu says I told you, I doubt on this. They shout for help. He asks Happy to jump out. She says no, you go. He says my weight is much, you have to jump out. He makes her jump out of the lift. She asks him t come. She asks him to hold her hand. The lift falls down from much height. Chintu sees Happy for the last time. She shouts to him. He holds some pole. She asks him not to worry, she will do something. She shouts for help. She gets a rope and tries to help him.

He says I weigh a lot, the rope won’t help. Biji says Chintu means the world to us, we will do whatever it takes to save him, Happy will suffer all her life if Chintu gets hurt. Biji and Madhu leave. Chintu holds the rope. Happy tries to pull him up. He recalls his family. The rope slips from his hands. He falls down. Happy gets shocked. Workers gather down. Happy runs to Chintu and shouts. She asks him to talk to her. He holds her. Ambulance comes. Madhu gets the birthday surprise from Chintu. Madhu reads his cute note of apology and wishes. Madhu hugs the note and flowers, saying I love you too Chintu. Happy takes Chintu to hospital and says you will be fine, don’t worry. Chintu is taken for treatment.

Nurse gives Chintu’s phone to Happy. Happy sees his family pic. Madhu says I couldn’t talk to Chintu because of Happy, I will prepare kheer. Kulwant gets Chintu’s call and says he will live long. He answers and gets shocked. They ask him what happened. Happy prays for Chintu and cries for him. She says even Chintu has dreams to fulfill, get him well, please. The family members come here and see Happy. Biji scolds Happy. Happy says Chintu fell off the lift, doctor is treating him, he will get fine, don’t worry. Everyone sees Chintu and cries. Biji says Chintu will get fine, I will pray for him. Doctors try to save Chintu. Happy says Lord, you can’t do this with Chintu. Doctor comes and says he had got a head injury, he had lost a lot of blood, we tried our best but we couldn’t save him. They get shocked and cry.

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