My Heart Knows Updates Monday 4th April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Monday 4th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Monday 4 April 2022, The Episode starts with Malhar asking Aahir why did he give electric shock to Anupriya? Aahir says Dada. Asawari signs him not to say. Kalyani looks at her. Asawari recalls asking Aahir to give electric shock to Anupriya so that she doesn’t remember that she had met Anupriya there and that car was of Sarthak. Fb ends. She slaps Aahir and asks why did you do this with your Kaki. Malhar asks Aahir to say else…Aahir says I gave her electric shock as I thought she is Atharv. He says Atharv did wrong with Swara, so I wanted to teach her a lesson and ran behind him. He says he mistakenly electrocuted Maayi. Malhar says Atharv is unwell and we have sent him to the mental asylum and scolds him for his behavior. Anupriya says I don’t want to file any complaint. Malhar says he can’t be saved for his doings and locks Aahir in the cell. He tells Commissioner that he will not handle Aahir’s case as he don’t want anyone to say that I am partial to him. Asawari asks him to leave Aahir. Aahir says I am your younger brother etc. Madhav says Aahir is punished already and asks him to leave him. Malhar refuses and tells that Aahir needs to be punished. He apologizes to Anupriya and Kalyani and comes out of Police station.

Kalyani sees him crying sitting outside. Malhar asks God, why did he punish him like this and says you would have punished me some other way. He says I respect and value my uniform, my own brother is criminal and asks why? Kalyani comes to him and cries. She says you are feeling bad and your heart is hurt, asks him not to say anything and says I can understand and can feel your pain. Malhar says I don’t deserve your sympathy. He starts walking away. Pawar asks Malhar if he is coming to police station today and tells that they need to enquire about 26th july case. Malhar says I know, we need to figure out Kaka’s hand in the murder case. Sarthak asks Asawari, how dare Aahir to give electric shock to Anupriya. Asawari tells him that she doesn’t know that Aahir had done this and says may be he was scared. She says he can tell the truth to Police, but he stayed silent to save you. She says when did Radhe make the cassette and how Aao Saheb got the cassette.

Aao Saheb tells Anupriya that they all are criminals. Anupriya says whatever you did was wrong too. Pallavi says bad thing shall happen with bad people. Anupriya says bad guy and tells that he took you to Null’s hostel when the latter got unwell. She tells her that the day is not far when Malhar will beat her. She says Malhar don’t respect Kalyani. Malhar hears her, lifts Kalyani and takes her to inhouse temple. He makes her sit on the chair and does Kalyani’s aarti and chants the mantras which is chanted to do puja. He then says that it is not like that he don’t respect her, it is like he doesn’t express his emotions. Swara looks at something in the book and hugs it. She hears door sound and hides the paper from the book. Kalyani tells Swara that Malhar is broken and asks her to tell truth. She says I know Atharv has not done anything to you and asks her to say. She says it is sure that Atharv is innocent. She says being Malhar’s sister, you have some responsibility towards him. Swara says Atharv has molested me. Kalyani asks him to tell the truth. Malhar comes there and takes Moksh from the bed. Moksh picks the chit hidden under the pillow. Malhar taunts Kalyani and says Swara that she can accuse her for beating her. Swara looks at Moksh as Malhar takes him.

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