Happy Hearts Updates Monday 1st March 2022

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On Happy Hearts Updates Monday 1st March 2022: Happy Hearts Updates Monday 1 March 2022, The Episode starts with Happy saying we all can do the work together. The light goes. Happy asks them to relax, lights will come. Rocky says the fuse is blown, I have called someone to take help. Happy calls out Rocky to check the drapes. Rocky asks the men to check the fuse. Sania comes and taunts Rocky for the dark theme of party. Rocky asks what do you want. Sania keeps him busy by arguing with him. He asks her to tell her dad that they will fight and also win. The men add some powder in the sugar sacks and inform Bhatia. Bhatia says Kulwant has sent me to jail for adulteration, this time Rocky will be going to jail.

He says Grovers will make such a case that Rocky will be in jail all life, Kulwant could have saved me, but he didn’t save me, he sent me to jail, I will do the same, Khoslas are responsible for food poisoning in the party. He tells his plan to Bunty. Sania threatens Rocky. She says until you are with Happy, you will never succeed, Happy just ruins things. He asks Sania not to say anything against Happy. They argue. He says you are not my true friend, else you would have stopped your dad, for you, relations are imp than friendship, you are your dad’s daughter, he is my biggest enemy, you are on his side, just get out. Sania throws a vase in anger. Happy stops Rocky. Sania says power has come now, you can party now, who knows you can’t party tomorrow. She goes.

Rocky says what about her taunts. Happy says I didn’t hear anything worth thinking, we will have to concentrate on our work, we will work together positively. Happy goes to check the hotel once. Rocky comes. She gets scared and asks who is here. She sees Rocky and asks are you playing hide and seek at this time. He says yes, what are you doing here. She says I came to check things again. He says I was here to check the crockery. She says we forgot to get wine glasses. He shows her wine glasses. She asks how did you get this now. He says you don’t know my name. She gets stressed. He tells her lines and asks her to be positive. They check the things. Mana ke hum yaar nahi….plays….. They spend time while finishing the work. They finish the work and fall asleep.

Its morning, Rocky wakes up and smiles seeing her sleeping. He wakes up Happy. He jokes. She says these jokes don’t suit you. She says we will be at the hotel one hour before. She goes. He stops her and asks will we be able to do this, everything is at stake, imp thing is Chintu’s dream, its imp for dad also. She says we both made this possible, don’t doubt, we will go much ahead, don’t take tension. She goes. Humdum mere….plays…. Happy checks the food menu. Guggi refers Simmi’s ideas. Happy says we will keep Simmi as consultant. Rocky asks Happy to come with him and finalize things. Happy goes. The girls go to get ready. Kulwant says its first step towards Chintu’s dream. He asks Madhu and Biji to help them. They agree. Sandhya prepares the sweets. She takes Simmi’s help. She asks Simmi to taste Gulab jamun once. Rocky takes Simmi with him. Sandhya says I will eat it and check it the sugar is fine. She says I will fall sick, if I eat this. Guggi says there is a big problem.

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