Happy Hearts Updates Monday 15th march 2022

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On Happy Hearts Updates Monday 15th march 2022: Happy Hearts Updates Monday 15 march 2022, The Episode starts with Ranveer apologizing to RV. RV scolds him and tells him that he has framed an innocent man because of him, by going against his principles. Anaya comes to them and asks is everything fine. RV says nothing, Ranveer is going back to US, so I was emotional. Anaya goes. RV says you are going back to US and then you will be on your own, don’t expect any help from me, finish your college, else you will be sent to Grover’s friend’s company, you will work where I say if you finish college. Ranveer nods. Rocky is taken by the police. He sees Happy. Jee karda….plays….

Bappi says inspector, let Rocky meet his family once. Rocky says I don’t want to meet anyone, no one should come to meet me. Madhu comes running to meet him. She falls down and cries. Happy cries. Three years later, Rocky is seen in the lockup. He sees Sania, Bhatia, and everyone’s pics on the wall. He gets angry on Happy and RV. The constable says its lunch time. Rocky goes to have food at the mess. A man jokes on him and says you have no courage to look at me. Rocky says return my thing. The man refuses and asks what will you do. The man throws water at him and asks him to look into his eyes. Rocky gets angry and beats him. He takes his thing and goes. The man stops him. They have a fight. The jail mates look on. The jailer comes and catches Rocky. He warns Rocky. He asks the staff to take them to the dark cells and lock them up.

Inspector says do anything you want, I can’t give you more time, just I will come to visit you, I won’t tell anyone. Rocky says I want just 30 days time, I will be grateful. Inspector says you saved my daughter when she got kidnapped, I can’t believe you did such crime. Rocky says I was trying to save someone, and I landed in trouble. Inspector says don’t get blinded in anger, you have to get proof to prove your innocence, this is your motive. Rocky says I know, they lied and proved me guilty. Inspector says remember my instructions well. He shows the exit way to Rocky. He says this pipe will take you to highway directly, you will have to find your way from there. Rocky leaves from the pipe. He escapes from the prison. He runs into the jungle and reaches the highway. A boy Chintu meets him and asks will you have tea, come with me. He takes Rocky to his stall and gives tea. Rocky smiles. Chintu gives him tea and asks him to come home, and take a bath. Rocky sees the hotel board.

Rocky gets to his normal avatar. He comes home and sees his house. He recalls his family. He gets sad. Someone meets him and says I will inform you tomorrow. He gives a packet and goes. Madhu counts days. Rocky looks on from far. He hears her missing him and cries. She feels like hearing his voice and goes. He puts something inside the window and goes. Happy is seen managing the hotel business. Madhu calls someone to help them get rid of cockroaches. Happy takes the juice drink for Smiley and Guggi. Guggi says Smiley doesn’t talk to you, even then you keep trying. Happy says I will always keep trying, Smiley is my sister, I will convince her until she forgives me.

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