Happy Hearts Updates Monday 15th February 2022

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On Happy Hearts Updates Monday 15th February 2022: Happy Hearts Updates Monday 15 February 2022, The Episode starts with Happy getting police home to get Rocky arrested. She says just Chintu used to support me and scold Rocky, unlike you all, I will not leave Rocky, he has hurt my mum by shooting at her, he has to bear the punishment. Inspector arrests Rocky. Happy says you are getting punished for every torture you have done. Rocky says scores are not settled yet. He is taken away. Madhu runs after the car. Kulwant falls down. Everyone worries for him. Biji calls the doctor.

They don’t know which medicines to give him. They miss Chintu. Biji blames Happy for everything. Happy meets her friend/sub-inspector Mansi. Rocky creates a scene and argues with inspector. He says I want to call my lawyer, Bappi, he will get me bailed out. Bappi comes. Rocky hugs him and asks did dad call you or Biji. He asks Happy to see how he gets the bail. Bappi asks Happy to sign the papers. Rocky asks what, you cheated me and Chintu. He slaps Bappi and scolds him a lot. He is thrown inside the lock up. He threatens to ruin Happy’s life. He promises this to Chintu.

Doctor says Kulwant is serious, you have to take care of him, his body needs rest. He asks them not to worry. He asks where is Rocky, I will explain him about medicines, Chintu used to manage everything alone. Madhu says Rocky isn’t here. Biji blames Happy again. Happy says I don’t let my life get ruined. She sits talking to Mansi. She thanks Bappi and says Rocky should get punished, do whatever it takes, he shouldn’t get bail. Bappi asks her not to worry. Rocky looks on.

Sandhya and Smiley support Happy. Happy says I have to get Rocky punished. Sandhya asks her to think about Rocky’s family. Biji angrily comes to her house and throws stone at break window. She asks Happy to come out. Happy goes out. Inspector asks Rocky to have food. Rocky refuses. He recalls Happy’s words. He gets angry and throws the water pot. Inspector asks him to stop. Constables beat Rocky. Happy argues with Biji. She exposes Rocky’s crime. Biji says I will get him out of jail. People ask Happy not to help Rocky. Biji threatens Happy and goes. She meets Bhatia and Sania. She asks him to help Rocky. Bhatia assures to help Rocky. Sania thanks him and goes to drop Biji. Bhatia calls and asks inspector to torture Rocky well. He wants Khosla family to beg for mercy.

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