Happy Hearts Updates Friday 5th march 2022

Written by TALIBAN

The Episode starts with Rocky and Happy sharing the food. She says Chintu gave you this watch. He says its good, right. She sleeps on his shoulder. He smiles. Humdum mere….plays…. Anaya and RV have a talk. She says I hope you don’t dispose someone by considering old. He asks really, you think so, I can never distance you from me. She says I know, you can’t live without me, is this drama and romance done, shall we do some work. He says sure. They sit to work. Sania’s henchmen board the train and look for Happy. Rocky wakes up and sees Happy sleeping. Smiley gets a blank call. She gets the call again and scolds. Sandhya answers the call. Smiley says leave it, maybe its some prank call. She switches off the phone. Ranveer says I like to torture her, I won’t let her be at peace, I will scare her a lot. Rocky passes by the goons and sees gun with them. He hears the goons talking about Happy.

He goes and wakes up Happy. He takes her and rushes. The goon asks them to stop. He says the guy shouldn’t be harmed, target the girl. Rocky pushes him. Rocky and Happy jump down the train and fall in dry grass. They run into the forest. They hide from goons. Sania waits for the goon’s call. Bunty asks what’s all this. Sania says one should focus on goal, I want to make Happy suffer, I want Happy to have fear in eyes when she dies. The goons shoot at Happy. Rocky asks her to hold his hand and just run. They hide under the bridge. The goons reach there and try to find them. Goon informs Bhatia that they are finding Happy, work will be done.

Bhatia says fine. Sania asks what did they say. Bhatia says they will find her, don’t worry. Sania gets hyper. Bunty calls her mad. Happy says we won’t survive. Rocky says I will take you from here safely, you will fine, we will escape, you have to fulfill your dreams, you will get married and have kids, you will sleep in peace, you won’t die. She cries. He hugs her. She sees the goons. He says trust me. She shows a bike. He says I will ride it, how will we leave. She says you won’t let anything happen to me. He nods and says you will live. Happy shouts on the goons and throws stones at them. The goons try to catch her. Rocky goes to the bike. Happy runs to Rocky. She gets caught. She shouts Rocky and closes eyes. Goons point gun at her. Rocky rides the bike and comes to hit them. Happy gets on the bike. They flee. Goon shoots at Happy.

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