Happy Hearts Updates Friday 26th February 2022

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On Happy Hearts Updates Friday 26th February 2022: Happy Hearts Updates Friday 26 February 2022, The Episode starts with Happy doing the decorations. Rocky goes to help her and lifts her. Kuch to hai….plays…. Smiley gets more items. Rocky and Happy have a moment, while they decorate the place to impress Anaya. Happy says it looks so beautiful. Rocky makes a face. Simmi comes to help. Rocky says you can’t help, dad will get angry, there is a rule in our family, girls can’t work. Simmi asks him to get drapes from Biji. Rocky says no. Happy thanks Simmi and says we will get it. Smiley asks why can’t Simmi help us. Happy sends Smiley with Simmi. Rocky collides with Happy. He goes out and sees Anaya coming. He looks on. Anaya attends a call. She gets excited and says you got me the broadway tickets, dad has asked me to meet the local guys for the party arrangements, the urban fair is the theme. Rocky says so she is Anaya, her funda is more clear.

He calls Happy. She doesn’t answer. Simmi asks what’s the matter. Happy says this looks so perfect. Anaya meets her. Happy shows the set up and gets on talking. Anaya says really sorry, this arrangement is exactly what I don’t want, RV is going to hate me. Simmi says chill, did you hear what she said. He says yes, she said old cinema hollywood movie tickets. His sisters help him about the theme. He asks what’s the solution. Simmi says it means classy, not loud, rich look. Anaya says if I had a readymade brief, I would have given you. Simmi asks Rocky to stop Anaya, they will manage and help him, else he will miss the good chance. He goes to stop Anaya. Happy asks Anaya for a chance.

Anaya says our thinking and taste should match, sorry Happy, I understand you have worked hard. Rocky introduces himself. Anaya says I m getting late. Rocky asks Smiley to get juice for Anaya. He asks Anaya to give him one chance, its very imp. Simmi takes stuff from Biji. Biji doesn’t want to give her wedding dress, which was inspired from Helen. Simmi and her sister get help from Smiley. Simmi says Chintu has something, it will be perfect for this theme. She goes to get the music intrument. Anaya says I have to leave. Anaya says even the second idea will be the same. Happy says how would we understand your thinking, we have met for the first time, Rocky and I are fast learners. Rocky says I can see your personality and know your taste, you need a rich theme, but not loud, you need something that remind you of New York, old world charm.

Happy says romantic, elegant, true love. Anaya says show. Rocky gets Anaya to a different room. She gets impressed seeing the pics and setting of classic hollywood theme. Rocky says we had less time and low budget. Anaya says I quite like it. Happy says congrats, taste matched now. Anaya says the best part is this wall. Rocky says Chintu had made this picture wall. Anaya says good job. Rocky says Happy was sure that you would like hollywood theme. Happy says yes, you would be convinced now. Anaya says the idea is really nice, but can you do this in less time. Happy says don’t worry, we will do it. Anaya goes. They all happily dance. Happy hugs Rocky and gets away.

Anaya says these guys are actually good. Grover says you should never judge a book by its cover, you should give second chance to people, life has taught me philosophy, what you told when you met RV for the first time, he is boring and bookworm, I told you to give him second chance. She says we are first timers, we need supervision, RV is going to come here on my birthday, I m going to Delhi. Ranveer comes. Anaya asks did RV come. Ranveer says it means you won’t welcome me. She hugs him and asks him to stop the drama. She asks Ranveer to supervise her birthday party. He agrees. She says problem solved. Happy says Anaya liked Chintu’s work, he helped us again. Smiley praises Happy and Rocky bonding. Rocky says I heard Anaya and then got this idea. Rocky and Happy argue. He hugs his sisters. Happy smiles.

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