Happy Hearts Updates Friday 12th march 2022

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On Happy Hearts Updates Friday 12th march 2022: Happy Hearts Updates Friday 12 march 2022, The Episode starts with Bappi asking Sania about the evidence she wants to share with the court. Rocky thinks Happy, now your trust on me will never break. Sania lies that she has seen Rocky kidnapping Smiley. Madhu and Bappi ask her why is she lying. Sania says I have seen Rocky kidnapping Smiley. Rocky gets shocked and asks why are you lying, you said you have the evidence, show it to judge. Judge says you can’t pressurize the witness. Sania says I have gone to meet Rocky, he was drinking, I tried to talk to him, but he lost control, he started shouting at me, he threatened me in anger. She says he told me that he will do what none can imagine. Happy recalls Rocky’s words. Bappi says Sania is taking revenge on Rocky as their friendship got over some days back. Judge doesn’t listen to him. RV says I want to cross examine the witness now.

He says Sania, you said you have seen Rocky kidnapping Smiley, you were his good friend, tell us about Rocky’s past, why he has done this. Bappi says Rocky’s past isn’t related with this case. RV says past affects the current choices, this will help in decoding the case. Sania says he is hot tempered, since Happy has come into his life, his hatred has just got high, he had kidnapped Happy in the past and tortured her, he has done much wrong, I was losing my friend, don’t know, he was brainwashed by Happy, I thought maybe he is becoming a better person, I realized he can never change, this business partnership was Happy was all fake, his only intention is to ruin Happy’s family, he told this to me, so he did this with Smiley. Rocky gets silent and looks at Sania. He asks Sania why are you doing this, you know I didn’t do anything. She says you did a big mistake by leaving me and going to Happy. She shouts leave me, you are hurting me.

Kulwant gets angered seeing this. Police stops Rocky. RV says we couldn’t punish Rocky, so he has become a criminal, this is his character and intention. Judge says court is adjourned, we will give a next date later. Rocky sees Happy. He is taken away. Ranveer smiles. Sania says sorry, I should have warned you about Rocky. Sandhya consoles Smiley. RV says Rocky is still the same, he hasn’t changed. Happy recalls Rocky’s words. Smiley says I m not willing to eat. RV asks her to have cheese toast, its too good. He orders the cheese toast.

He asks Smiley to have food and not give up. He says you want to become a lawyer, so lawyers don’t give up until the case is solved, its not your fault, you are a survivor, not a victim, if you fall weak, Rocky will win, you won’t let it happen, right, try this. She eats food. Happy smiles and says you are topmost lawyer, we would have been never able to reach you, you are fighting this case that too free of cost, thanks a lot. RV says there is difference between you and others, I know you, whatever happened with your family, I can at least do this, such cases makes me angered, how can someone do this, what’s their thinking, such people must be punished. Ranveer hears him. RV says I want to help the victim in such cases, if my family member was involved, I would have not spared him.

Rocky thinks of Happy. He says I tried but I couldn’t win. Madhu, Bappi and Biji come to meet him. Rocky says Sania changed her word, Smiley is like my sister, I didn’t do this, where is dad. Biji says we trust you. He says I will explain dad that I didn’t do this, will he believe me, is he thinking that I did all this. Kulwant burns Rocky’s pics. Madhu cries and goes. Rocky asks Bappi to call Happy for a talk once. Bappi meets Happy and says I have sent Rocky to jail when he was wrong, I m sure he can’t do this, we have seen him becoming responsibility, we can’t punish him, just talk to him once, hear him. Sandhya says no, no one will meet that demon. Happy thinks what should I do, I thought Rocky will be proved innocent. She says shall I meet him once, maybe I should meet him.

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