Dream Girl Teasers – February 2022


Dream Girl Teasers – February 2022

Tuesday 1 February 2022

episode 5.

Manav said Ayesha was not worried about the media. Meanwhile, vaguely managed to mislead Laxmi and his aunt about his identity. Then, Laxmi knew that he had to make a portfolio to pass the audition. He decided to sell Ayesha movie theater tickets to arrange money.

episode 6.

Laxmi helped faintly sell Samosa, and produced a few dollars for himself. Ayesha was excited about her film into a hit. Laxmi managed to get its portfolio done. Ayesha vowed not losing Manav to Nandini. Laxmi oath to teach lessons for security guards to abuse its portfolio.

Wednesday 2 February 2022

episode 7.

Faintly impressed with Laxmi’s determination to become an actress was established. Meanwhile, Brother Aisha, Karan, who was angry because Manav refused to start him. Then, vaguely learned that Ayesha was looking for the main new woman. Laxmi managed to enter Navrang Studio, and plan to meet Ayesha.

episode 8.

Laxmi entered the ayesha cabin, pretending to be blind. In knowing the truth, Ayesha told him to come out. Manav said Ayesha which Laxmi was ideal for the main role in this vague upcoming film. Then, Laxmi was angry when he knew that Ayesha had hired it as PA, and not as an actress.

Thursday, February 3, 2022

episode 9.

Laxmi decided to accept Aisyah’s offer. Manav is happy about the coming of his daughter. Then, Karan laxmi tricks to do an action. Laxmi accidentally fell on Ayesha and apologized to her. Then, Ayesha pretended to care for Laxmi before her employees. What is Ayesha’s plan for Laxmi?

episode 10.

Ayesha proposed a challenge for Laxmi, who vowed to succeed. Vaguely found that some criminals mislead him. Ayesha plans to fire Laxmi, believing that she will fail to challenge. Then, Nandini and Ayesha have an argument.

Friday 4 February 2022

episode 11.

Ayesha welcomed Meera back home. Meanwhile, Laxmi plans a strategy for aisyah challenges. Then, Meera incited Manav against Meethi. The next day, Aisha employee was worried about reading a suicide letter from Laxmi. Ayesha will worry about seeing Laxmi lying on the table.

episode 12.

Laxmi managed to deceive Navrang Studio employees. Meanwhile, Ayesha incited Manav against Laxmi. Laxmi was worried as Ayesha told her about where it was angry with him and that he wanted him to apologize to the employees. Then, Laxmi decided to visit Aisyah’s house to return her jewelry.

Saturday 5 February 2022

episode 13.

Laxmi tried to get a glimpse of Sangir Sareen. Nandini plans to separate Manav from Ayesha. Ayesha plays tricks on Nandini and stops him from doing Puja with Manav. Then, Laxmi was surprised to find vague in Sareen House, who managed to mislead him.

episode 14.

Laxmi decided to disguise as Swamini and put Sareen house. Ayesha admitted Laxmi and smoke to her. Laxmi explained the situation to Ayesha and apologized to play tricks. Then, Meera waste gas in Sareens when he wanted them to leave him alone.

Sunday 6 February 2022

Episode 15.

Navrang studio employees play tricks on Laxmi and embarrass themselves. Meanwhile, vaguely found a job. Then at night, Laxmi helped vague for Samosa selling and returned to get an idea to impress employees. The next day, Laxmi tried to look for forgiveness from employees.

episode 16.

Meera incited aisyah against Meethi. Meanwhile, Laxmi’s vague notification was worried because he had failed to impress his employees. Then, Laxmi oath to be a hero from this vague movie. Ayesha knew about Meera having a feeling of inferiority. The next day, Ayesha misled vaguely about Laxmi.

Monday 7 February 2022

episode 17.

Laxmi decided to play tricks on Navrang Studio employees by pretending to be chosen because of the upcoming Salman film. Samarally managed to get a few dollars by selling samosa. Ayesha worries learn about Laxmi’s offer from Salman. The next day, Laxmi felt guilty and acknowledged the truth.

Episode 18.

Ayesha and Amrita LAXMI plan to embarrass the party. On the other hand, Laxmi believe that Ayesha was really invited to the party. The next day, Laxmi felt insulted when employees laugh Navrang studio costume.

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Episode 19.

Employees Navrang Studio embarrass LAXMI at the party. Ayesha Laxmi pretend to care for and maintain it. Later, Karan and Ayesha made a deal to send Laxmi of Navrang Studio. Have confidence in Ayesha, LAXMI blindly sign a contract awarded by it.

Episode 20.

LAXMI blindly sign the contract. Ayesha took advantage of LAXMI and treat pain. Laxmi sketchy looking for help to prepare meals for themselves. Later, Karan playing a trick on LAXMI and injured his fingers. Employees Navrang Studio retaliated by harassing LAXMI but he refused to surrender.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Episode 21.

Ayesha fumes in LAXMI for killing fish. Then, Samar managed to entertain Laxmi. Meanwhile, the successful misleading Ayesha Meera. The next day, Manav returned from a business trip and found Injuries Ayesha. Ayesha plans to make LAXMI quit his job.

Episode 22.

After learning that LAXMI make arrangements for meeting the Japanese delegation in Navrang Studio, Karan infest the room with rats. Samar disguise himself and entered Navrang Studio. Then, Laxmi tried to get rid of mice. Samar has secured contracts for samosas in Navrang Studio.

Thursday 10 February 2022

Episode 23.

Laxmi depressed when Ayesha angry with him for damaging a meeting with Japan. He hides his situation from his father. Saren mislead Samar, disguised as samosawala. However, Manav recognize Samar and thwart his plans. Then, Samar motivate LAXMI.

Episode 24.

LAXMI decided to prove himself to the people Navrang Studio. The next day, LAXMI charge for Ayesha in cycle racing competition. Meanwhile, Samar alarming sales target given by his boss. Later, Karan plans to stop LAXMI to finish the race. What planning Karan?

Friday, February 11, 2022

Episode 25.

Laxmi fall in the ditch when one of the participants pushing, deliberately. Samar strive to achieve sales targets. LAXMI managed to rejoin the race and secure the final position. Samar boss angry with him for not achieving sales targets. Meanwhile, Nandini vowed to prove its worth to Manav.

Episode 26.

Ayesha is planning to use his dog against LAXMI. Laxmi panicked when he saw the dog. Karan plays tricks on Laxmi, and convinced him to take care of the dog. Then, LAXMI trying to train the dog, and fined for bringing dogs to the park!

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Episode 27.

Laxmi spend the night with a dog in Navrang Studio. Meanwhile, some robbers entered the studio and threatened LAXMI. The robbers managed to steal a laptop Ayesha. Karan and Ayesha accused LAXMI steal a laptop. Later, a friend Ayesha LAXMI find dog gone!

Episode 28.

LAXMI filed a complaint about the missing dog. He decided to hire a dog-like, and present it to Ayesha. However, Ayesha managed to identify fraudsters and decided to trap LAXMI. Then, Ayesha Laxmi blamed for being irresponsible.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Episode 29.

Karan harassing LAXMI in front of employees Navrang Studio. He decided to get a haircut LAXMI as punishment! However, dog friend Karan Ayesha stop in time and save Laxmi. Laxmi vowed to Karan that she will fulfill her dream to be a dream girl.

Episode 30.

Ayesha offers Laxmi to play his double in the film. Karan execute against LAXMI Ayesha plan. During shooting, Laxmi fainted when she tried to complete the action. Later, he was surprised to find out the true color of Ayesha.

Monday, February 14, 2022

Episode 31.

Laxmi was surprised to find Ayesha took credit for his efforts in action. He regretted believe his dream icons, Ayesha. Meanwhile, Nandini know that Ayesha Meera misleading. Then, LAXMI decided to quit his job at Navrang Studio.

Episode 32.

LAXMI face Ayesha when she visited his home. Ayesha refused to accept the resignation of LAXMI, and blackmail, saying that he had to fulfill his contract. Samar know that LAXMI work in Navrang Studio. Misunderstandings arise between LAXMI and SAMAR, and they quarreled.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Episode 33.

Samar wrong to think that Ayesha would like to stay at Navrang LAXMI Studio, and so he set up a contract. Ayesha was surprised to find LAXMI back to Navrang Studios. Laxmi back to Ayesha as she memabukkannya. Later, Karan gave him a task to complete.

Episode 34.

LAXMI reply when Ayesha embarrassing. Manav informed Ayesha that it is time to launch Samar, and wanted to do a contest to find a new dream girl. Ayesha worry about LAXMI participating in the contest. Will LAXMI Find out about the contest?

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Episode 35.

Samar learned about the contest ‘Dream Girl’ performed by Navrang Studio. Manav assured Ayesha to be a judge for the contest. Karan squeeze Ayesha, and wants him to talk with Manav about its release. Ayesha feel insecure about LAXMI be the next dream girl.

Episode 36.

LAXMI learned about the contest ‘Dream Girl’, and Samar convinced him to participate in it. Meanwhile, Ayesha plans to stop LAXMI to participate in the contest. Then, Samar agrees to accompany LAXMI to choose wine as ordered by Ayesha.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Episode 37.

Samar hangover after wine tasting. Meanwhile, Ayesha sure that LAXMI will not be able to participate in the contest. Then, LAXMI refused to believe Samar when she tells him that she is actually Samar Sareen. After a while, Ayesha was surprised to find LAXMI in Navrang Studio.

Episode 38.

Laxmi seek help Karan to submit an application form for the contest. He offered to help her in the contest. Then, Nandini playing a trick on Meera. Meanwhile, Samar relieved that LAXMI has found its identity. Father and brother LAXMI visit.

Friday, February 18, 2022

Episode 39.

Laxmi lies to his father that Samar is Samar Sareen. Samar successfully handling the father and brother of Laxmi to mislead them. LAXMI ask Samar to spend the night on the balcony. Later in the evening, Laxmi worry about the audition.

Episode 40.

LAXMI set up an audition in Navrang Studio. Meanwhile, Ayesha asks Karan to not allow LAXMI participate in the audition. Then, LAXMI concerned because one of the contestants stole the manuscript. Karan smoke in LAXMI because of sloppy.

Saturday 19 February 2022

Episode 41.

Karan Objects Laxmi than giving auditions in Navrang Studio. However, Laxmi won the hearts of Prem with outstanding performances and appreciated by the contestants. Laxmi commend gratitude to his father for support to achieve its objectives. Ayesha wanted to know about the audition Laxmi.

Episode 42.

LAXMI vague and spend some quality time together. LAXMI express his feelings to Samar and make him aware of his love for her. Ayesha and Manav viewed videotape audition to assess the performance of the contestants. Karan managed to hide the audition tape LAXMI of Ayesha.

Sunday 20 February 2022

Episode 43.

Samar happy to spend a good time with Laxmi and her family. Meanwhile, Manav and Prem covering a contest Girl Girl by Studio staff. Samar tried to calm LAXMI sad and both were involved in shooting the film. Laxmi’s father was impressed with her acting skills.

Episode 44.

Laxmi panicked to see Karan was shot and hiding from him. Meanwhile, Nandini worried about Meera and Manav comforted him. Laxmi’s father was examined while interacting with Superstar Ayesha. However, Ayesha did not want Laxmi ahead in her acting career. Laxmi is sad about film shooting.

Monday 21 February 2022

Episode 45.

Laxmi find it difficult to trust Ayesha’s attention for her. Sareens was relieved after police found Meera. Ayesha faced Nandini for accusing him who misled Meera. Kartik rebuked Laxmi for chasing acting. However, vaguely tried to convince Kartik about Laxmi’s ambition.

Episode 46.

Vaguely plays a joke in Laxmi. Ayesha tried to make Manav realize his concern for Meera. He aspires to become a dream girl. Karan quietly brightens Laxmi about the Girl Girl contest and told him about the rules of the contest. Manav nice to meet vaguely.

Tuesday 22 February 2022

Episode 47.

Manav likes to learn that a faint fall in love with someone. Then, he was surprised to know Nandini’s suicide attempt. Laxmi is eager to do a faint shooting. Ayesha quietly watched Laxmi during the shooting and did not want him to grow.

Episode 48.

Ayesha is worried that Laxmi is probably the number 10 contestant for the ‘Dream Girl’ contest! Karan hiding from Ayesha about Laxmi’s participation in the contest and supporting it. Laxmi managed to hide about the audition from Manav and Ayesha.

Wednesday February 23, 2022

Episode 49.

Vaguely praised Laxmi for taking his desire to act seriously, and be sure that he fell in love with him. Elsewhere, Ayesha was depressed, believing that Laxmi will win the Girl Girl contest. Karan announces the results of the contest. Ayesha was surprised because Laxmi was chosen.

Episode 50.

Laxmi was overwhelmed to be chosen for the Girl Girl contest. However, Ayesha was not happy with her success and did not want him to be a dream girl. Because of frustration, ayesha ventilation his anger at Karan to support Laxmi while Manav thought that Ayesha was actually worried about Laxmi!

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Episode 51.

Ayesha and Laxmi have a spat on the contest. Samaran decided to propose to Laxmi and execute his plan. Laxmi offers Saniya to stay in place. Samar propose to Saniya not Laxmi. Ayesha feels insecure about her future. Nandini mocked Ayesha about the Dream Girl contest.

Episode 52.

Ayesha was very angry at seeing Nandini’s closeness with Manav and wanted to keep them away. Samarit spend time with Laxmi. Ayesha tried to make Karan realize his concern for him. He did a treatment session for the contestant of the dream girl while Laxmi was sad with the Ayesha movement.

Friday 25 February 2022

Episode 53.

Ayesha recommended a tablet to Laxmi with the intention to damage her beauty. Samarally tried to win Laxmi’s love when he focused on the Girl Girl contest. Nandini was upset because he witnessed the proximity of Manav and Ayesha. Karan tells the participants about the brand ambassador contest.

Episode 54.

Laxmi’s lip allergy destroyed his chances in the brand ambassador contest. Ayesha mocked Laxmi because it was too confident. Sania was chosen for advertising shooting. Manav smoke is in Karan because it is not responsible and removes it from the dream girl project. Karan is frustrated with Laxmi, but vaguely cared for him.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Episode 55.

Laxmi managed to clear the misunderstanding of Manav about Karan while Ayesha liked to trouble Laxmi. Manav raised back Karan for the Dream Girl contest. Ayesha misleads Karan about Laxmi. Laxmi is sad because it faintly spent time with Sania. However, vaguely managed to calm Laxmi.

Episode 56.

Ayesha managed to expose Nandini’s false injury to Manav. Nandini tried to win Manav back but in vain. Meanwhile, Karan plans to stop Laxmi to participate in the contest. Laxmi panicked was locked in a room. Ayesha is happy to learn about Laxmi.

Sunday 27 February 2022

Episode 57.

Karan knows that Ayesha misleads him about Laxmi. Faintly learned that Laxmi had not reached the Navrang studio, and saved him from the room. Karan realized his mistake, and repented. Meanwhile, Ayesha was surprised to find Laxmi in Navrang.

Episode 58.

Ayesha smoke at Karan saw Laxmi in Navrang, but she replied. Karan vowed to make Laxmi, the next dream girl. Then, Laxmi learned that his father had been treated in the ICU and broke down. Faint convincing Laxmi to appear. Manav praised Laxmi for his appearance.

Monday 28 February 2022

Episode 59.

Manav revealed that he misled Laxmi about his father, to test it. Ayesha felt insecure because Laxmi won the round. Later, Laxmi stopped the Aesha from revealing the truth about him to Manav. Karan suggested Ayesha to change his view towards Laxmi.

Episode 60.

Ayesha feels insecure about losing the position of a dream girl to Laxmi. Meanwhile, Laxmi celebrated her victory faintly. Karan plans to propose to Laxmi, the next day. Sendira made Laxmi jealous by spending time with Sania.


Dream Girl Teasers – February 2022

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