Dolph Lundgren Net Worth & Achievements

What is Dolph Lundgren Net Worth?

Net Worth:$18 million
Source of Wealth:Actor, Director, and Martial Artist
Date of Birth:November 3rd.1957
Country of Origin:Sweden
Last Updated:2023

Dolph Lundgren Net Worth: Dolph Lundgren is an American actor, director, and martial artist with an estimated net worth of $18 million. He rose to prominence in the 70s. His first feature film was a James Bond movie, A View To Kill?

He has a few awards to his name. He received a Lifetime Achievement Diamond Award in 2013, in addition to other awards he received in the past years.

Dolph Lundgren is an advocate for human trafficking and has even made a movie centered on it. He supports organizations and creates awareness about human trafficking.

Early Life

Dolph Lundgren is a Swedish born in Spånga, Sweden on the 3rd of November 1957 to Sigrid Birgitta, who was a teacher, and Karl-Hugo Jonah Lundgren, who was an economist and engineer. Dolph wasn’t on good terms with his father while he was growing up because his father was physically abusive.

The effect of this abuse made Dolph strong and motivated him to prove his worth. When he was 7, he joined a Judo and Gōjū-ryū class; after which he moved to weight lifting and Kyokushin karate when he became a teenager.

Dolph went on to study martial arts at Clemson University and Washington State University, where he became a star of the Swedish Kyokushi Karate team.

He contested in competitions and won the 1979 World Open Tournament and the 1980 and 1981 European Championships. It was in the 1980s that he met Grace Jones; the legendary singer, and became her bodyguard in New York. During his time as her bodyguard, they became lovers.


Dolph Lundgren is a martial artist and actor. His career in the movie industry began when he appeared in A View To Kill? a James Bond movie. Starring in this movie was what Dolph needed to go into Hollywood full–time.

He set his chemical engineering degree which he got from the University of Sydney, aside; and went into movies full-time. Dolph’s next movie was Rocky 4, which he appeared in alongside the legendary actor, Sylvester Stallone.

Luck was not always on his side, and just like other actors; there were good and bad days. Sometimes his movies performed exceptionally well at the box office, while sometimes they didn’t. Some of his movies that were considered flops were; The Punisher, Masters of the Universe, and Red Scorpion.

Dolph Lundgren net worth is estimated to be $18 million as of 2023.

Career Highlight

  • 1987 – Maximum Potential (Work Out Video)
  • 1987 – Masters of the Universe (Movie)
  • 1989 – The Punisher (Movie)
  • 2004 – Direct Action (Movie)
  • 2008 – Direct Contact (Movie)
  • 2018 – Black Water (Movie)
  • 2022 – Old Spice (Advertisement)

Personal Life

Dolph Lundgren is a lover of football and was a fan of the Everton Club when he was in Europe. He shows interest in the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Champions League. Lundgren owns homes in Stockholm; Sweden and Los Angeles; California.

Lundgren speaks English and Swedish fluently and speaks a little bit of German, French, Japanese, Spanish, and Italian. He is not a heavy drinker, so he takes tequila and cocktails occasionally. He also boasts about being a good drink mixer, since he studied chemical engineering.

Awards and Achievements

Dolph hasn’t got many awards to his name but he has been able to win some. In 1985, he won the Marshall Trophy Award as Best Actor. He was a Fantastic Lantern Award winner in 2007. In 2013, he was awarded Lifetime Achievement Diamond Award.

Dolph Lundgren Net Worth

Dolph Lundgren net worth is estimated to be $18 million. He is an American actor, director, and martial artist and have over the years been popular in movies.

His income comes from his different ventures and it is currently on a steady rise.


Dolph Lundgren is an active supporter of organizations like Cast LA against human trafficking and also an advocate against human trafficking. This advocacy began after he stumbled on the news about girls being trafficked into the US from Mexico in 2007.

It was reported that the girls were left abandoned in a vehicle close to the border and were suffocating and having a heatstroke.

This urged Dolph to make and star in Skin Trade, a movie about human trafficking; which was released in 2014. He has remained an advocate, created awareness through various ways, and urged others to join the march against human trafficking.

Real Estate

Lundgren purchased a home in Beverly Hills for $3.9 million. This home which was built in 2009, was later sold off by Dolph in 2020.

Dolph Lundgren net worth is estimated to be about $18 million, this is inclusive of his wealth in real estate.

Notable Dolph Lundgren’s Quotes

I discovered martial arts, first judo and then karate, and I became quite good at it, because I had something to prove. And more than anything, I needed to feel safe.– Dolph Lundgren

Everybody’s life has some mythical quality. You struggle against obstacles, you fight to get to a higher level and there are great loves.– Dolph Lundgren

My problem is that people get intimidated by someone big and beautiful like me. They hate to think I can be smart as well.– Dolph Lundgren

When I started studying acting in New York, I didn’t plan to be an action hero. I just wanted to learn acting because I felt it was something I needed to try to do for myself, to express something, my inner pain, or something I couldn’t get out. – Dolph Lundgren

Life Lessons To Learn From Dolph Lundgren’s Success

Here are some notable lessons to learn from Dolph Lundgren’s life;

1. Make a Difference

 Dolph has remained an advocate against human trafficking and is an active supporter of organizations trying to curb human trafficking. He even made a movie about it, to create awareness. You can speak up and help fight against an issue plaguing society.

2. The Path To Success

Just like other celebrities, things did not always go well for Dolph when he was starting. There were times his movies were a success and there were days they were a flop. The path to success isn’t smooth; it’s filled with ups and downs.

3. Don’t Let Your Traumas Hold You Back

Dolph was physically abused by his father when he was a child. This had a reverse effect on him and only made him stronger instead. If he had given in, he wouldn’t have gotten to this point. Just like Dolph, don’t let traumas hold you back from becoming who you want to be. If need be, seek help.

Frequently Asked Questions – Dolph Lundgren Net Worth

What is Dolph Lundgren’s Net Worth?

Dolph Lundgren’s net worth is $18 million. He is a successful actor, martial artist, and director. Dolph’s career started thriving in the 80s and 90s.

How Smart is Dolph Lundgren?

Dolph Lundgren has an IQ of 160 and a chemical engineering master’s degree from the University of Sydney. He is also a member of Mensa and was offered a scholarship to MIT.

When Did Dolph Put Up His House For Sale?

Dolph bought a luxury home for $3.9 million in Hollywood Hills. This home is made of steel, stone, glass, and concrete. In 2020, he sold off this beautiful mansion.

How Close is Dolph Lundgren to Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Dolph and Arnold have a great friendship together. They have both been on screen together and have appeared in pictures together. Dolph and Arnold have some things in common and are both exceptional actors.

Final Thoughts

Dolph Lundgren is an actor, martial artist, and director with prominent features like his blue eyes and blonde hair. Standing at 6ft5 with his noticeable broad shoulders, Dolph weighs 113kg.

As of 2023, Dolph Lundgren net worth is estimated to be $18 million.

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