Days of Our Lives Teasers April 2022

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Days of Our Lives Teasers April 2022

Friday 1 April 2022
Episode 13549 (663)

Leo finds John taking implicating verification. Whenever John won’t hand it over, Leo takes steps to call the police until John uncovers he’s Leo’s dad. Marlena talks with Kayla about the DNA test in regards to Leo being John’s child while Diana harms Marlena! Eve tells Jack Claire told her Haley is hanging out at the space.

Monday 4 April 2022
Episode 13550 (664)

John revives oblivious Marlena. Diana observes Leo holding the envelope containing proof. Will tells Sonny that Leo dropped the charges against them. Brady attempts to arouse Eric to effectively get Holly out of Stefan’s home.

Brady and Eric go to see Marlena while Sarah tells Rex that Kayla referenced he went after a medical clinic position. Holly has an awful dream since she’s feeling the loss of her mom. Chloe is astonished to see a milder side of Stefan as he expertly quiets the forlorn young lady.

Tuesday 5 April 2022
Episode 13551 (665)

John’s perched by Marlena’s unfilled bed when Diana comes in and expects to be she’s dead. Eli lets them know he’s scrutinized the suspect… Eli questions Haley. JJ acquaints Haley with Justin. In the mean time, Tripp questions Claire about how Jack and Eve realized Haley was there. Claire recommends it might have been Ciara.

Leo shocks Brady in his bed and lets him know they are siblings. Afterward, Leo figures Sonny and Will ought to be more pleasant to him since he dropped the charges.

Wednesday 6 April 2022
Episode 13552 (666)

As Kayla uncovers to John and Brady that Nurse Shelly might be associated with Marlena’s harming, Shelly goes up against Diana and takes steps to rodent her out. Sarah solaces Eric about his mom’s emergency and the two bond over a conversation about confidence.

In the interim, Rex trusts in Chloe his biting stress over Sarah and Eric’s closeness. Stefan and Gabi get into a warmed contention over Gabi Chic and Leo shows up to name their pressure as being sexual in nature. Afterward, Gabi and Stefan again toss sparkles, however Chloe strolls in to interfere.

Thursday 7 April 2022
Episode 13553 (667)

John sits by Marlena’s bedside and urges her to get through. Leo comes by. As he becomes acquainted with John, Marlena’s screens go off. Kayla and Sarah attempt to save her. In the interim, Diana expects Marlena biting the dust. She has a dream about John. Eric and Sarah dread assuming Brady will let Rex know that he observed them kissing.

Ciara trusts in Julie about her separation with Ben. Ciara is amazed when she learns Ben is working for Stefan once more. Prior, Leo plays with Ben. Stefan urges Ben not to abandon love. Afterward, Ben and Ciara meet.

Friday 8 April 2022
Episode 13554 (668)

While John observes vulnerably, Kayla and Sarah endeavor to resuscitate Marlena… yet after her heart quits thumping, Marlena envisions that she’s trapped in an in-between state among paradise and hellfire.

Monday 11 April 2022
Episode 13555 (669)

Kayla warns Eli that she thinks Kristen perhaps messed with Marlena’s IV. In the mean time, Leo questions regardless of whether Diana needs Marlena to kick the bucket. Afterward, John cautions Diana that there is an examination. Resentful about Marlena, Brady shouts out about Eric to Rex.

In the interim, Eric makes a guarantee to God that assuming he allows Marlena to live, Eric will move in an opposite direction from Sarah. Ciara stands up to Ben about returning to work for Stefan after he caused Ben to abduct Gabi. Brady gets a tip from Gabi that Stefan is utilizing Leo to get data on Titan.

Tuesday 12 April 2022
Episode 13556 (670)

Ben saves Ciara. Stefan by and by commitments to Chloe to keep her safe. During a meeting for the paper, Jennifer poses Jack a few extreme inquiries about Haley while Tripp attempts to fend off his doubt that it was Claire who deceived him. Claire goes to Eve to trust her situation.

Haley gets back from her trial and tensely anticipates the appointed authority’s decision. JJ offers his help, and the two bond, however at that point Justin brings them terrible news.

Wednesday 13 April 2022
Episode 13557 (671)

Haley, still careful about JJ, turns down his thought. In the interim, Claire stresses that Tripp’s fixated on Haley. In the wake of talking about work business, Hope and Ted share a warm second. In the mean time, Rafe converses with Roman about the issues he’s having with Hope… furthermore, Ted. Afterward, Rafe interferes with Hope and Ted.

Eric has a fantasy where Rex assaults him for pursuing Sarah. In the interim, Sarah owns up to Maggie that she kissed Eric and cares deeply about him. Rex tells Eric he’s eating with Sarah, and Eric knows it’s ideal to let them be…

Thursday 14 April 2022
Episode 13558 (672)

A snare is set for a clueless Diana by John, Eli and Lani. Simultaneously, Stefan censures Leo. Brady says thanks to Gabi for her secret activities. Afterward, Leo lays into Brady while Stefan calls Gabi… Tripp informs Claire about how he expects to help Haley while Haley has a similar news with JJ.

Friday 15 April 2022
Episode 13559 (673)

John goes up against Diana. Afterward, she owns up to John and Leo a stunning truth. Subsequently, John returns to Marlena and fills her in. Prior, Leo has a slight defrost with Marlena. Kate visits Marlena. Kate is shocked when Marlena says Leo is John’s child.

In the wake of examining Chloe and Stefan concerning the shooting, Hope faces Ted about rationalizing to invest energy with her. In the interim, Rafe educates Kate regarding Ted’s impedance. Afterward, Hope observes Rafe still at the bar. Stefan and Chloe develop nearer. Brady’s appearance hinders them.

Monday 18 April 2022
Episode 13560 (674)

Sonny needs Leo to sign invalidation papers. Leo gives Will the stink eye. Eric runs into Sarah at the medical clinic. Brady sees they’re actually longing for each other. He questions Sarah, who lets him know he’s off-base. Rex happens upon them. In the interim, Eric informs Marlena concerning his guarantee to God.

Afterward, Brady gives Eric a final offer. Stefan questions Chloe’s sentiments about Brady and about himself. Ciara demands taking more time to the medical clinic. Rex treats him. Ciara rises up to Hope on a call.

Tuesday 19 April 2022
Episode 13561 (675)

As Haley and Tripp meet up to “state” their romantic tale, Claire goes to Eve for help. JJ shows up to intrude on a startling loaded second among Haley and Tripp. Gabi alerts Chloe against succumbing to Stefan. Subsequently, Chloe runs into Brady and shoots him while Gabi and Stefan conflict and toss sparkles…

Prior, Brady exerts some serious pressure on Eric. Eric imparts his issue to Sarah. Sonny surges Will to the medical clinic! Rex and Sarah smell a rat.

Wednesday 20 April 2022
Episode 13562 (676)

Eve tells Jack she and Claire have set an arrangement into movement to uncover Haley. In the interim, Claire orchestrates to assist Tripp with his arrangement. JJ battles with not being the one to help Haley. Sarah uncovers to Rex that she kissed Eric. Jennifer lets Hope know how tired she is with Jack.

Trust shares she and Rafe are in a superior spot, however trusts that Ted kissed her. Afterward, Hope gets impacted by Abe for hiding from him that Ted was a blackmailer. Trust then goes off on Rafe.

Thursday 21 April 2022
Episode 13563 (677)

Kayla intrudes on Hope and Rafe’s battle with news that Jordan is requesting to see him. Jordan uncovers confidential to Rafe. In the mean time, Hope tells Ted that Rafe broke her certainty. Claire meets Tripp at the Salem Inn and covertly records him.

In the interim, Haley unintentionally finds Claire’s lighter and shows it to JJ. Eve and Jack come to the space and let Haley in on they’re on to her. JJ has a few unpleasant words for his dad. Ciara gives Ben a wipe shower in his medical clinic bed.

Friday 22 April 2022
Episode 13564 (678)

Jordan loads Rafe. Simultaneously, Hope gains from Ciara and Ben that Jordan didn’t set the primary fire. A short time later, Rafe shows up and educates Hope concerning Jordan’s solicitation. In the mean time, Ben stresses Ciara could begin to uncertainty him once more. Tripp will keep an eye on Haley after she’s been assaulted by Jack and Eve.

Claire is vexed. She meets with Eve and Jack and sets expectations. In any case, Jack has different plans. Eve solaces Claire. In the mean time, Tripp intrudes on Haley with Melinda, later, Tripp and Haley talk about Claire, Jack and Eve, and afterward her affections for JJ. JJ trusts in Kayla about what he’s as of late found.

Monday 25 April 2022
Episode 13565 (679)

Sarah momentarily feels a little unsure about tolerating Rex’s proposition. In the mean time, Victor and Maggie examine Sonny’s revocation with Leo, and afterward Will’s abrupt ailment. Sarah comes by. Maggie gets Sarah alone to figure out reality with regards to her affections for Rex… what’s more, Eric.

Prior, Eric gets together with Brady and lets him know he won’t pressure Chloe into leaving Stefan’s. Stefan tells Chloe that Ben has a likely lead on the El Fideo cartel individuals. At the emergency clinic, Will and Sonny fill in Gabi about Leo’s revile and Will’s unexplained clinical issues.

Tuesday 26 April 2022
Episode 13566 (680)

Stefan’s fascination with Chloe develops. Lani and Eli appear with a potential lead on the cartel after Chloe. In the mean time, Brady attempts to convince Gabi to assist him with cutting down Stefan. Afterward, Gabi visits Stefan. Maggie tells Rex she’s not entirely certain she can uphold Sarah’s arrangements to wed him.

In the mean time, Eric covers his affections for Sarah as he salutes her. Kate attempts to persuade Victor to recruit her at Titan with the goal that together they can cut down DiMera. Maggie’s agitated to see them visiting.

Wednesday 27 April 2022
Episode 13567 (681)

Jack and Eve go on with their arrangement to uncover Haley. Abe takes more time to task. Simultaneously, Claire ends up in another new hellfire when JJ goes up against her. Tripp and Haley return. Claire calls Eve imploring her to pull the trigger. Prior, Tripp and Haley meet with the ICE Agent.

Eve and Jack hear Ted leaving and ask Abe what’s happening. Trust questions Ben about Jordan’s child. Afterward, Ben informs Ciara concerning Jordan potentially having a child… while Hope learns Ted’s destiny similarly as Rafe returns.

Days of Our Lives Teaser April 2022

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