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Bridal Material Thursday 5th May 2022 Zee World Updates

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On Bridal Material Thursday 5th May 2022 Zee World Updates: Bridal Material Thursday 5 May 2022 Zee World Updates, Dolly shows Kaleerein to Meera and says her uncle/maama has sent it. She ties her dupatta with Meera’s duppata and says it is a ritual which mom does so that daughter cannot forget her mom, emotionally says if she gets lots of love in her in-laws’ house, she can forget her. Meera emotionally hugs her and says she cannot forget her in life. Punjabi folk song plays in the background. They emotionally cry.

Vivan looks at moon reminiscing Meera telling that bangle belongs to her friend Preeto whose mom is dead. Mera reminisces Suman alleging her and Vivan taking her side and supporting her and thinks when someone does good job, they feel good, but why she is feeling sad. Vivan thinks her mom is already dead now, he should not think of her now. Meera thinks she should control her emotions and move on.

Next morning, Meera’s haldi ceremony starts. Girls dance around Meera while she is applied mehandi. Vivan walks in balcony speaking over phone when Nimmo hurriedly carries haldi paste and drops it on Vivan by mistake, some spills and falls on Meera. Vivan angrily leaves and takes bath while haldi washes off. Dolly and others apply haldi on Meera and after she takes bath and changes, Sweety ties kaleerein on her bangles and asks not to see them until her marriage finishes. On the other side, Sumer video chats with Silky and says he does not want Meera’s named haldi and wants to marry only Silky. Dolly emotionally explains Kaleerein’s significance to Meera.

Vivan decides to return back to London and looks at Meera’s photos on wall. Do pal ka yaadon ka karwaan hain..song…plays in the background. Meera comes running and falls on him. Vivan says thanks for her help and he did not ask her sympathy. She asks he came here till now, if he does not want to know more about his mother. He says his mother left him and baby Amaya for money and never returned, she is dead now and it is the end. Meera warns not to speak bad about his mother, he should find out the reason behind. He says he knows the reason, it is only money, even Meera is one among them, why she is marrying Sumer, if they love each other, no..she is marrying him as he is rich, she told she will not change herself for anyone, but look at her self, she wanted to join Soni Kudi Academy for marriage, eventually she is fighting to become a rich man’s wife, she is also a gold digger like otehr girls. Amaya comes and hugs Meera and says before her doli, their doli is going, they are returning back to London, will she not say bye to them. Meera looks at Vivan. Vivan says there is no reason left for them to stay here and leaves with Amaya. Meera looks him. Amaya goes to get luggage. Dol pal ka tha ye karwaan..song. cotinues playing the background. Amaya brings bag and they leave. Meera runs down towards them emotionally. vivan gets into car with Amaya while Meera looks at them standing near door. Car leaves. Meera runs behind car. Vivan looks at her via mirror. Meera thinks till now she used to hate him, but today she is feeling bad when he is going. Vivan says he does not care about this girl and her family, then why he is feeling bad.

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