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Bridal Material Wednesday 20th April 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Bridal Material Wednesday 20th April 2022: Bridal Material Wednesday 20 April 2022, Meera and her friend hide in a room seeing Vivan coming. Friend asks Meera not to tell Vivan about her bangle as her traumatic past is related to it. Meera says she will shut her mouth and will not tell bangle’s secret to Vivan no matter how much he tries. Vivan tries to open door angrily. A lady comes and asks if he has any problem. Vivan says he is searching a girl and she came into his room, door is not opening. Lady opens door. Vivan checks inside and says sorry, it is his mistake and walks out thinking where did Meera go. Lady says good he came here, their owner Mrs Singh would he happy to meet him, he can sit in her cabin. Vivan says he is busy now and will meet her some other time, leaves. Lady thinks who is Vivan searching.

At Meera’s house, Sweety and Dolly are busy in house work when Sumer and his mom walk in with guests. Family greets them. Sumer’s mom tells they have come for high tea. Sumer says he informed Silky already, did not she inform them. Dolly says no. Sumer tells her silently that they are US guests and should be handled carefully, so inform Meera not to make any mistake. Sweety asks not to worry, Meera is very intelligent, and makes them sit on Vivan’s side of living room.

Vivan walks out of Soni Kudi Academy thinking where did Meera go, at least he should met the girl Meera sold bangle for and arranged money. He sees Meera’s bike, punctures it and hides. Meera walks out with her friend discussing why Vivan is behind that bangle, she will find out at any cost. Dolly calls her and informs Sumer and her mom have come with guests and they want high tea, so she should come and handle situation. Meera asks not to worry and searches auto. Vivan stops his car and says good he found her, she can guide him home. Meera thinks he is acting so innocent and gets into car. Vivan asks what next. She says take left in Punjabi. He drives and their speechless nok jhok starts. Vivan stops car and says he needs to message London. Meera thinks big lier. He asks why did she go to Soni Kudi Academy. She says he should have gone in as they train girls to find fake husbands like him. He asks if she went for training then. She says she will rather die than getting training there, she went to..He asks what.. She asks if he became inspector and interrogating her. He says she can go if she wants. She thinks she has to reach home soon and asks him to stop here, she needs to get high tea from grocery shop. Vivan asks what.. and says he will have high tea till then and asks vendor to give high tea. Vendor asks what is that. He says glass full of tea. Meera thinks high tea means that. Vivan smirks thinking he confused her.

Sumer and his friends wait for Meera showing their fake attitude. Mom asks where is Meera, they are waiting. Meera walks in with Vivan. Sumer introduces her to his friends. Meera greets them and says nice to meet them. Sumer’s friend jokes that bhabhi brought her boyfriend home. Vivan fumes hearing that and ask what did he say, he feels sorry for his thinking, can’t a boy and girl be friends. Sumer interferes and says his friend was just taunting Meera. Vivan warns him to inform his friend to be in his limits, else it will be bad for him. Sumer and his mom stand fuming.

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