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Bridal Material Wednesday 11th May 2022 Zee World Updates

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On Bridal Material Wednesday 11th May 2022 Zee World Updates: Bridal Material Wednesday 11 May 2022 Zee World Updates, Divorce papers fall from Vivan’s hands. Dolly tries to pick them. Meera hurriedly picks them and returns to Vivan saying he dropped his office’s important papers. Dolly feels something is wrong and takes Meera aside. Meera says she never wanted to marry this way and got convinced only to marry Sumer on family’s insistence. Dolly says Vivan cares for her and fought for her, he is the best match she can ever get, she should be happy in this marriage as god made this jodi and she should respect it, whole family is okay with this marriage. Meera’s sister enters saying Vivan wants to speak to her. Dolly walks away. Sister tells Vivan he has only 5 minutes and leaves smiling.

Vivan asks Meera to sign divorce papers and this time he got working pen. Meera remembers Dolly’s words and says she will not sign them. Vivan angrily fumes that she was eager to sign them some time ago, what happened now, if she got greedy for his wealth. Meera she damn does not care about his wealth, she is just worried about her family and does not want to see them shatter seeing her divorce, she cannot see her mother’s sad face. Vivan reminisces Amaya saying same and says once he meets mamma and if he has same hatred feeling, she will walk away with him back to London. Meera continues her moral gyaan and alleging Vivan. Her sister calls them down. Meera says let us go my sister’s jiju.

Vivan goes down with Meera. Family surrounds him and asks to have food. He sees lots of food and asks if guests are coming. Biji says it is for him. He says so much food for single man. Biji says he is not a man. Meera laughs. Vivan asks what… Biji says he is jamaiji. Meera stuffs food in his mouth. Family stuffs food next. Vivan angrily gets up and shouts he married Meera to save them and Meera from humiliation and shows divorce papers. Family is shocked. Meera realizes it is her imagination. Vivan finishes food and walks up feeling uneasy. Mera take digestive pills for him and says Daadi sent them. He takes pills saying he is as Daadi sent them. Daadi from downstairs asks if he trust her and not Meera. He says nothing like that. Meera and Vivan’s nok jhok continues. She warns him to continue drama, else she will not sign divorce papers.

A lady watches news about Vivan marrying a Punjabhi village girl and thinks how down markets, Indians won’t change, Vivan should have married at least a rich girl, she will break this marriage now.

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