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Bridal Material Tuesday 31st May 2022 Zee World Updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Bridal Material Tuesday 31st May 2022 Zee World Updates: Bridal Material Tuesday 31 May 2022 Zee World Updates, Vivan sitting in his car chats with his business partner. He sees Meera carrying a huge bag bare footed and gets angry, goes to her and scolds if she cannot do anything straight way, where is she going bare footed. Meera says she was feeling hungry, so she ate it applying jam and butter. He scolds to be specific. She says Biji told her wish will be fulfilled if she takes flour to gurdwara bare footed. He says he is leaving soon, then she will get her life partner. She says yes, she will get her real prince charming, then says she is praying that he meets Pammi Kapoor. He says she will anyways and remembers orphanage manager’s call. She asks him to take flour to guardwara, she will come walking. He keeps flour in car and lifting her keeps her in car. She says sinner, why did he do that. He says let it be. Their nok jhok starts. Vivan thinks whatever she does, he is not concerned, he just wants to meet Pammi today. He drops Meera outside gurdwara. She asks to come in. He says he does not believe in god, dorns dupatta on her head and walks back. Pammi comes to gurdwara, but they both don’t notice each other.

Meera prays at gurdwara. Pammi walks in and prays. Meera prays that Vivan’s mummy should also be like her mummy and not bitter. Roma prays to not let her son hate her.

Vivan goes to orphanage and waits for Pammi’s call. Pammi calls. Vivan angrily speaks and asks where he can met her. She disconnects call, but he hears gurdwara bhajan in background. Meera calls him. He says Pammi is in same gurdwara and asks her to find her. Meera searches Pammi, but does not notice her. Roma calls orphanage, and manager informs that Pammi had called and Vivan went to meet her in gurdwara.

Vivan reaches gurdwara and thinks where to find head scarf to enter gurdwara. Meera continues searching Pammi, but does not notice her. Head scarf falls from Pammi’s thali on Vivan. Vivan holds it. Pammi walks down and noticing Vivan gets tensed, but does not react and says it is hers. He returns. She asks to wear it. He thanks and tries, but cannot. She helps him wear it and calls him son. He asks if she knows him. She says he is Vivan Kapoor, the most eligible bachelor and business tycoon, congratulates him for his wedding and leaves. Vivan seeing Meera continuing to search Pammi and says phone came from landline somewhere around. He sees landline nearby and asks owner if he saw who called last. He says he cannot see. Vivan angrily tries to break landline, but Meera stops it.

Roma reaches gurdwara yelling if Pammi is here, she will kill her. Pammi passes by and identifies her, but Roma does not. Vivan sees Roma and asks what is she doing here. She says she came to pray. Vivan makes her hear Pammi’s voice. Roma gets tensed. Vivan says her tension reveals it is Pammi..

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