Bridal Material Tuesday 29th June 2022 Zee World Updates

On Bridal Material 29th June 2022: Bridal Material 29 June 2022, Vivan opens his car door, and Saddi Kaur/SD/Meera gets out of it holding balloons. She thanks him for new specs and says she wanted to surprise him with balloons like they do to kids. Vivan says she frightened him. She asks to speak out his heart to balloons and lighten his heart. Vivan says he is not a kid. She says there is no age for that and insists. He desists. She asks to chose any one balloon, hands over one and leaves. Vivan looks at balloon and asks what he should speak. He then reminisces insulting Meera and annulling their marriage, etc. He feels relaxed and thinks it worked.

At home, Dolly feels worried for Meera and tells Sweety that she is not even speaking now and is crying silently in her room, she should not be sad being pregnant. Vivan enters and says he wants to meet Meera. Dolly says Meera is in her room. Sweety stops him and confronts if he is not happy after troubling Meera so much, he left her alone when she is pregnant, now came again to trouble her again. Vivan walks away. Dolly asks her to stop. Sweety says why should she, Meera was so lively before and now looks lifeless, all because of Vivan. Dolly takes her in.

Vivan walks to his room and reminisces insulting Meera repeatedly and her confronting that she did all this to save him and he can do whatever he wants, she does not care. He can strangulate her if he think she is with Pammi Kapoor. Aye Dil Hai Mushkil song..plays in the background. Vivan feels guilty. Dolly takes Sweety in. Sweety says let her speak, she cannot let Vivan trouble Meera again. Dolly says let us ask what Meera wants. They both walk to Meera’s room discussing whom Meera will agree. Vivan tries to climb pipe and meet Meera. He slips. Meera hears sound. Dolly and Meera walk in and ask if she wants to keep her child or not. Sweety suggests to abort child as Vivan betrayed her. Dolly says Vivan came to meet Meera and has changed, she should not abort child. Vivan climbs pipe and is about to jump on terrace when he hears Meera shouting there is no child at all, she lied to save Vivan, if Vivan had gone to London, his life was in danger, she did all drama to save vivan, she does not mind what happens to her, leave her alone for sometime. They both leaves. Vivan jumps in and walks to her. Meera says she wants to tell him something. Vivan says he heard everything. She slips. He holds her. Jo Meri Manzilon Ko Jaati hai…….plays in the background. They look at each other. Meera tries to leave and slips. Vivan holds her again. Meera says thanks for helping her family and apologizes for her mistakes, now their relationship ends and they can walk their own way. She leaves, leaving her bangle in Vivan’s hand.

Roma speaks to her lawyer and orders him to not let Meera create any legal issues. Vivan enters and snatches phone. Roma says she is doing it for family’s name. Vivan says he knows how to protect his family name. Roma says what will happen if news of Meera’s pregnancy comes out. Vivan says Meera is not pregnant.

Meera checks clue in Vivan’s office and munches chips feeling hungry. Vivan enters and asks if she is searching something. She says some files. He asks if she is confident to find file. She says if one tries, anything is possible. Vivan determines to tell what is in his heart to Meera.

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