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Bridal Material Tuesday 17th May 2022 Zee World Updates

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On Bridal Material Tuesday 17th May 2022 Zee World Updates: Bridal Material Tuesday 17 May 2022 Zee World Updates, Roma with Laali’s help hires goons and forces Meera and her family to get out of their house. They plead not to kick them out of house and asks what did they do. Meera pleads. Roma says she can kick her bahu out at least and orders goons to kick her out. Vivan driving his car fumes that because of Meera, he did not get proper sleep and is drowsy, so he has to return home. Goon drags Meera and pushes her out of house. She falls, but Vivan comes and holds her. Meera looks at him emotionally. Goon attacks Meera. Vivan breaks his hand and he runs away with other goons. He asks Meera what happened. Meera tells her what Roma did. Roma says she is kicking them out of house. Vivan apologizes family and asks them to go and sleep now, leave belongings there itself. They all walk back to their room.

Vivan then tells Roma that he was handling this issue, why did she interfere. She says why he is getting so emotional with caretakers, in fact she thinks he loves Meera. He says he is not, Meera helped him and informed that his mom is alive. She even left her marriage to inform him. Roma says Indians are so cunning and use opportunities, Meera just emotionally blackmailed him, did she give him proof that his mother is alive. He says no. She says she will prove that his mother is dead, else she will obey him whole life. Vivan agrees.

Meera’s family take their belongings back to their room. Meera consoles them. Next morning, she prepares thank you card for Vvan.

Roma takes Anurag to police station to show Vvan’s mother’s death certificate and asks constable to show all old records. Vivan checks records and finds his mother’s death certificate. He fumes that Meera lied that his mother is alive and emotionally blackmailed him.

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