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Bridal Material Thursday 9th June 2022 Zee World Updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Bridal Material 9th June 2022 : Bridal Material 9 June 2022, Roma asks Dolly and Biju to get Meera’s passport to take her to London with them. Dolly says Meera does not have passport. Roma says okay then, Meera can come when she gets her passport. Dolly and Biji get tensed. Laali on the other side reaches outside a house which Roma used in Pammi’s name and thinks truth cannot be hidden. Meera prays god to save Amaya. Pammi calls her from landline and says she is Pammi Kapoor speaking, she is not the one who her son thinks but the one who Meera thinks, she is being trapped by Roma since the beginning and explains her what all Roma did to her and her children and pleads her to save her children from Roma. Meera thinks it is time to expose Roma.

Laali walks to Roma and tells she had been to a house which police raided as Pammi’s, she knows the truth. Roma says a desi woman wants to accompany a London woman and tries to blackmail her, but that desi woman is fails and cannot go to London. That woman is Laali, she has only 4 hours to finish her task, else she will lose her chance. Dr. Sibal calls Roma and informs that he is ready to give poisonous injection to Amaya because of which she will not withstand low oxygen level on flight and will die. Roma says she is coming there with Vivan to take Amaya in a flight. Pammi on wheelchair hears her

Vivan joins Roma, and Roma insists him to hurry up as they have to reach hospital to take Amaya to airport. Dolly and Beeji bring aarti for them. Meera walks in. Dolly asks her to do Vivan and Roma’s aarti. Meera holds Aarti and says they can go. Dolly asks is this the way she behaves with her MIL and husband. Meera asks Vivan to think how can oxygen cylinders vanish in city’s biggest hospital and how can only Amaya’s oxygen pipe malfunction, she heard 2 persons talking about malfunctioning pipe and can even identify them. Roma shouts to shut up. Meera says Roma wants to kill Amaya and asks Roma to accept truth. Roma shouts again and raises hand to slap her, but Dolly slaps Meera before and orders her to apologize. Meera says she is telling truth and will save Amaya at any cost and leaves home.

Roma walks out with Vivan and sees their car punctured. Vivan runs from there. Roma calls doctor Sibal and orders to kill Amaya right away. Sibal takes Amaya on stretcher to give her poisonous injection when Pammi hears that and hopes Meera reaches soon. She follows Sibal and tries to delay his act. Amaya starts gasping for air. Doctor says Amaya needs injection and picks injection. Meera reaches there and picking Devi Maa’s trishul stabs doctor’s leg. Doctor drops injection and falls down writhing in pain. Meera orders nurses to take Amaya back to ICU. Doctor orders to catch Meera and tries give injection again when Vivan reaches and warns Sibal to stay away and shift Amaya to ICU soon. Vivan and Meera both take Amaya to ICU, and her condition stabilizes. Vivan asks how did she know about Sibal. Meeera thinks she will inform him about Pammi later and says staying in hospital, she overheard. Doctor calls Roma and warns if he is trapped, even Roma will be trapped, he does not know how much injection he gave to Amaya, but Meera stabbed trishul into him badly. Roma thinks she has to kill Meera first to end all this drama.

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