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Bridal Material Thursday 26th May 2022 Zee World Updates

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On Bridal Material Thursday 26th May 2022 Zee World Updates: Bridal Material Thursday 26 May 2022 Zee World Updates, Biji video chats with Piyal Albela and Zindagi ki Mehek serial’s artists and says Meghna’s wedding will go well in a grand way. Vivan asks Meera not to act as she is playing kabbaddi. She says he pinched her weak nerve, kabbaddi. He says she can sleep on bed. She says now they are friends, he can keep lights on. He says she needs large area to sleep, so they will sleep in opposite directions and she can even use blanket. She says befriending her, his brain is working because..they both at once says it is for some days. They both looks into each others’ eyes holding their hands.

Roma overfills water glass reminiscing Vivan speaking to Pammi. Laali stops her and asks if she is hearing Pammi’s voice. Roma says she needs her help, but she does not need money, what she needs. Laali says she wants her to get Silky married to NRI boy. Roma says why anyone else, she will get Silky married to Vivan after breaking Meera and Vivan’s marriage, Vivan obeys her in London. She will also take Laali to London, there she can learn style. Laali says she made her drowsy with words. Roma asks to find out a corrupt low level policeman. Laali asks what she has to do. Roma says she will show what to do, she can take night gown which she is eyeing. Laali leaves holding night gown. She wears night gown and givs junior officer’s number to Roma.

Lying on bed, Meera tells Vivan that Pammi cannot be bad, she helps Preeto. Vivan says bad people do lot of charity. Meera asks why Pammi will give chair, she gives money. Vivan says charity means monetary support. Meera says Indian mothers cannot harm their children. Vivan says he does not believe. They both fall asleep. Meera plays kabbaddi in sleep and kicks Vivan repeatedly. He tries to wake her up, but she kicks him again. He lowers AC temperature and pulls out blanket. She sleeps shivering and chanting blanket. He says he told to wait for some days. Meera wakes up and says he was playing kabbadi match and it is finished, now sleep on opposite site. vivan says he will not, else he will get fracture.

Inspector handling Pammi Kapoor’s case and informs Vivan that Pammi killed someone to change her identity, so she is alive and is a murderer. Vivan says he may be right as Pammi kapoor can do this. Meera hears that and calls Vivan. Inspector says Pammi is real murderer, how she belong to him. Vivan says Pammi gave birth to him, but she is not his mother. Pammi looks at Vivan and Amaya’s belongings. Vivan tells inspector that some women cannot be mother, wife, sister, or anything, they are black dot on motherhood. Pammi cries holding Vivan and Amaya’s belogings and says she remembers them each second. Vivan tells Mera that Pammi can do anything, even murder someone. Pammi thinks she is helpless and cannot come in front of her children, she is suffering being away from her children, but her blessings are with them. Meera falls down purposefully. Vivan lifts her. Meera says he lifts people, but insults their dignity.

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