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Bridal Material Thursday 16th June 2022 Zee World Updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Bridal Material 16th June 2022: Bridal Material 16 June 2022, Meera loudly tells Roma and Laali that no matter how big opponent is, she knows to throw her opponent on floor. She leaves calling Vivan. Laali says she is speaking in puzzle language. Roma asks Laali why did she question in details about their crimes. Laali says she does not chat when she keeps phone on charging. Roma asks to show where phone is. She shows place and finds phone missing. Roma says Meera took it. They both hurriedly search Meera. Meera walks into Vivan’s room, but finds Amaya and Nimmo who say Vivan is out itself. Meera keeps phone in drawer aand walks out calling Vivan. Daadi says Vivan is speaking to her parents. Meera keeps ears at door and listens to their conversation. Amar tries to convince Vivan to calm down as every father gets nervous hearing child’s news, even he was when he heard about Meera. Vivan says there is nothing like that. Amar asks again to relax, it is a god’s gift. Meera gets emotional seeing their false hope.

Roma and Laali corner Meera and insist her to return phone, else it will be bad for her child and her family. Meera speaks to her imaginary son and asks what she should do and says her son is telling to fight and teach them a lesson. Laali warns to return her mobile, else. Meera asks what else. Dolly hears that and asks to return Laali’s mobile. Meera says she will return after showing something to Vivan. Dolly asks to stop creating issues and return Laaali’s mobile. Vivan calls her. She runs to him. Roma asks Laali to use her brain and think where Meera can keep her mobile.

Meera runs to Vivan and says she needs to speak. Vivan drags her to room and shows teddy bear and baby pics all around her room and asks what is all this. Meera says she does not know about it, but wants to show her something. She shows mobile and says she got proof against Roma. Vivan shouts to stop her allegations. Phone gets switched off. Meera rushes to charge phone. Vivan tears photos and takes teddy bear out. Laali sees him and thinks he is carrying sword to kill them. Roma says even she is seeing teddy bear. Meera sees phone switching on and runs out to show it to Vivan, but she slips and falls. Phone falls far away on chandelier. Meera searches mobile in living room and all around. Roma asks Laali what is Meera searching. Meera calls Laali’s number from landline. Roma sees that and checks landline, says that means Meera misplaced mobile, they should find it before Meera finds it.

Meera continues running around. Vivan stops her and asks not to exert herself in pregnancy and says they are together only till child is born. Meera says he can leave to London right now, she will upbring child here alone in Hoshiapur. Roma enters and says illegitimate child, thinks now she will show what confidence means. She tells Vivan he will make another Vivan if he disowns child, so it is better he aborts child. Vivan warns not to think of it and leaves. Roma then warns Meera to return mobile, else she will pay. Meera says she does not care. Roma drags her to Amar and says Vivan wants to abort child or cancel marriage, they have to decide now. She herself decides to abort child and drags Meera towards door. Vivan stops her.

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