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Bridal Material Saturday 7th May 2022 Zee World Updates

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On Bridal Material Saturday 7th May 2022 Zee World Updates: Bridal Material Saturday 7 May 2022 Zee World Updates, Security officers are about to shoot Meera when Vivan stops them and says she is a bride and not terrorist, le him talk to her. He walks into booth. Meera says his mom is alive. He asks if she is telling truth or doing Meeragiri. She says she left her wedding to inform him about this, first drop her to kabbaddi venue as her team is waiting. Vivan drops her in car. She sees Amaya crying and asks not to be sad, she will be happy when she will meet her money. An eunuch knocks door and blesses them thinking as couple. They at once say they are not married. Eunuch asks then what about this kaleerein. She says she is marrying a different man. Eunuch says god made her wear wrong man’s kaleerein then, soon she will wear right one. Vivan gives him/her money and asks to go. He/she blesses them again and leaves.

Meera reaches kabbaddi ground and is shocked to see Preeto burning her jersey. Preeto says they lost match because of her, she does not need this Jersey. All her team leaves while Meera cries. Vivan and Amaya silently watch her crying. Meera thinks if she did wrong by agreeing for her marriage, if she ruined her dreams.

At home, family is busy in wedding arrangements and search Meera. Meera returns with Vivan and Amaya. Dolly asks Amaya to get Meera ready. Amar emotionally hugs Meera and says her effort to reunite child and mother will not go in vain. Vivan hears them and thinks he has to know more about his mother from Meera.

Silky goes to Sumer’s room and confronts that he betrayed her and is marrying Meera, he promised her to inform his mother about them. He says he does not know what to do. She picks knife to stab herself. He stops and hugs her.

Vivan reminisces Amar and Dolly’s words and then Meera’s efforts and gets emotional. Nimmo brings Amaya’s handicam and gives it to Vivan asking to charg it. He searches charger in bag and finds Meera’s veil. Meera getting ready as bride reminisces Vivan scolding her, Preeto burning her jersey, etc., and thinks she dreamt of playing kabbadi since childhood, but her dreams shattered, hope Sumer is the man whom her parents dream of in a damad. Vivan charges videocam and sees Sumer and Silky’s romance. He fumes, but thinks he should not fall in all this, reminisces Meera’s help. Meera thinks it is time for marriage, but why she feels something is wrong, prays god to make things right.

Vivan angrily walks to Sumer’s room and holds his collar. Sumer yells. Vivan says he is a big traitor and is trying to ruin 2 lives. Sumer says what rubbish. Vivan shows footage and says he is so cheap. Sumer says it is none of his business. Vivan holds collar again and says he would have replied, now he will giv 2 options, one to inform Meera everything himself or he will inform Meera and show video. Sumer says if he wants to break marriage, since he came from London, he is chanting only Meera’s name, what he wants, if he loves Meera. Vivan pushes him again shouting how dare he is, if he is not ashamed to talk rubbish, Meera helps everyone and loves her family so much, he betrayed her trust, he will not let him betray them, go and inform them truth, else. Sumer asks else? Vivan raises hand. Silky comes and stops him. Vivan says he does not believe in Indian culture, but what they are doing is against Indian culture. He confronts Silky that he heard in India, they sacrifice their happiness for family in India, but she betrayed her sister, warns them to inform Meera truth and not to take his words lightly, he does what he says. Silky says she will do as he says and requests to delete video. Vidvan givs her memory chip. Biji notices them while passing by.

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