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Bridal Material Saturday 30th April 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Bridal Material Saturday 30th April 2022: Bridal Material Saturday 30 April 2022, Mata jagratha celebration start at Meera’s house. Whole family and guests father. Vivan joins them. Dolly and Biji greet him. Laali joins with Silky and asks Silky to go and lure Vivan. Sumer joins with her mother later. Bittu signs pop bhajan and all present dance with him. Meera looks at Vivan and says he will apologize her. Vivan says he will never. She says let us see. Bhajan continues.

Silky’s sandal breaks. Sumer helps her. Their romance starts. Romantic song plays in the background. He fixes sandal and asks her to close her eyes.. She closes. He keeps sandal on her hand. She gets very happy and thanks him. Their romance continues. Silky says let us go and join jagrata now.

Vivan and Meera’s nok jhok continues. Pandit asks to give jewelry for maata rani. Sumer’s mother taunts. Vivan keeps bangle in pooja thali. Meera is surprised to see her sold bangle to Manilal jeweler and thinks Vivan bought it, but why. vivan keeps another bangle. Meera is more surprised. Vivan thinks now he will force her to tell how did she get this bangle and walks away.

Laali searches Silky and sees her coming with Sumer. She takes Silky aside and asks what is she doing with Sumer instead of luring Vivan. Sillky says Vivan is arrogant and she cannot lure him, Sumer’s company is much better. Laali scolds that she got her trained in Soni Kudi Academy to marry someone owning many companies like Vivan and not Sumer.

Meera walks to Vivan’s room. Vivan asks if she must be thinking how did he get bangle which she sold to Manilal. Meera stands arguing. Vivan says she must be thinking how did he get another bangle, he will tell, but she will have to tell how did she get that bangle first. Meera reminisces promising her friends not to tell anyone about her bangle and keeps silent. She then argues that he wants to escape from apologizing her. He says he will never apologize her. Their nok jhok continues. She reminisces Vivan following her and realizes Vivan was following her for this bangle, how did he get another pair, what is the secret.

After jagrata finishes, Dolly gives prasad to Sumer’s mother and says 4 days are left for wedding, Jagrata went well, there is a secret saying that if bride’s mehandi is darker, her mother in law loves her a lot. Sumer’s mother asks where is Meera. Dolly says she sent her for some work, she will call her. Sumer’s mom says that is okay. Laali notices all this and thinks if Vivan and Silky’s wedding does not happen, she will not let Sumer and Meera’s wedding also happen. Her evil plans continue…

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