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Bridal Material Sunday 1st May 2022 Download Mp4

Written by TALIBAN

On Bridal Material Sunday 1st May 2022 Download Mp4: Bridal Material Sunday 1st May 2022 Download Mp4, Dolly asks Meera to go and submit Jagrata prasad in temple, Prince is waiting for her in car. Meera walks into car holding prasad and says let us go Prince. Vivan on driver’s seat asks if he looks like Prince. She asks what is he doing. He says since Prince is not at home, Amar uncle asked him to take Meera to temple. Meera asks since when he became so obedient and tries to get out of car, but he locks door and drives towards temple. Dolly on the other side speaks to someone over phone and fixes Vivan and Silky’s photos on Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone’s photo and thinks Vivan will fall and Silky will hold him, if one proper way, she has to bend her finger.

Vivan takes Meera to temple and asks her to tell secret of bangle. She says she does not know. He argues. She says if she reveals secret, her promise will be broken. He asks what. She asks him to apologize first. He says never and says already jagrata is over. She says not until prasad is submitting in temple. She walks in and prays god. He angrily walks near door. She walks out, and door gets locked. Vivan gets panic attack reminiscing his childhood traumatic memories and pleads Meera to open door. She enjoys him pleading and asks to apologize. He is unable to breathe and says sorry, open the damn door now. Meera is surprised, thinks something is really serious, and pushes door while Vivan continues knocking door. Door opens, Vivan comes out gasping for air. She asks what happened. He shouts shut up, she wanted his apology and he did. They return home. Vivan reminisces his traumatic past and his mother’s torture, Meera forcing him to apologize and fumes that he had to apologize Meera and his mother’s torture till now. He angrily punches mirror and breaks it, his hand bleeds.

Mehandi celebrations start. Biji asks Sweety to take care of arrangements well as her kitty party friends are also coming, they will rock the party. Meera walks in for mehandi looking at Vivan. Dolly brings mehandi. Biji asks if she became lazy. Dolly says she prepared her special mehandi. She then goes to Meera. Meera asks why she is not crying even during mehandi. Dolly says why should she cry, her dream of doing her daughter’s bidayi/farewell is coming true. She continues that when Meera was born, she had decided to apply mehandi on her and so she prepared special mehandi for her, which is famous in the surrounding area. She is about to apply mehandi. Sumer’s mother enters and stops her and asks who applies mehandi with stick, it is so outdated, even cone is outdated, she wants her bahu to apply fancy designer stencil mehandi, gives designs and asks Dolly to get the stencils printed for Meera and whole baraat. Dolly asks not to worry, her husband’s friend has printing press, she will get stencils printed soon. Meera insists Dolly to apply mehandi. Dolly calms her down and leaves to gets stencils printed.

Laali calls inebriated printing press owner and warns to get her work done soon (Vivan and Silky’s photo stencils), else she will make his life hell. Owner wakes up wobbling. Amar brings printouts and asks to make stensils soon. Owner says he does not have time. Bittoo frightens owner and asks to print them soon. Inebriated owner, prints Vivan’s photo along with stencils designs. At home, Sumer’s mother continues throwing tantrums and asks Daadi when will stencils return and when will mehandi designer come. Biji asks what. Sumer explains what mehandi designer means.

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