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Bridal Material Monday 5th July 2022 Zee World Updates

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On Bridal Material 5th July 2022: Bridal Material 5 July 2022, Vivan drops Pammi and Amaya to airport and says he was missing their love and seeing them happy together. Pammi says only one thing is missing, her bahu Meera. She suggests him to get a gift from mall for Meera on the way. Amaya asks to wear makeup of smile and happiness and go in front of Meera bhabhi. Pammi says wives like Meera don’t need money and jewelry, they need love and respect, he should give it in abundance. Amaya says bring bhabhi to London soon and let white people know how beautiful Punjabhi women are. Vivan thinks he wants Meera with him for life.

Meera wears sari and getting ready in front of mirror imagines Vivan coming behind her and fixing her blouse hook and then fixing earrings and bangles. Saanson se sanson ko milne do zaraa…song..plays in the background. Meera then realizes she is imagining Vivan everywhere and thinks when will he come and propose her. She walks to living
room. Vivan also comes. She nervously asks him to tell what he wants to, what is in his heart. He asks her to sign papers. Meera says if they are passport paapers, she will sign them. Vivan says they are divorce papers and giving her pen says this time pen will work. Meera reads papers and stands shocked. She asks if it is a joke. He says no. She says he has made a joke out of her life and plays with her emotions. Vivan asks to sign paper now. She says she will, but what was he wanted to tell, if he did it to get into his mother’s good books. Vivan says he will not answer any question and there is no meaning for this discussion, they had decided to divorce on wedding day itself, just sign and end the issue. Meera picks paper and asks pen. He hands over pen. She signs them and throws on his face. Vivan tries to leave. Meera says if she should thank him or god who broke their relationship even after tying them together, she is pity on the woman whom he will fall for, he should not ruin someone’s life. She is pity on her that she dreamt a life with him, he did so good by shattering her dream. She breaks mangalsutra and gives it to him saying at least respect it. She throws her bangles and holding his hand and says this is Indian’s hand and will not leave so easily, he dragged her away to announce, now it is her turn.

Nimmo informs Dolly and Sweety that they have a good news, wedding hall is available on fixed date of Meera’s wedding, so Meera’s wedding will happen on given date. Dolly sees Sweety tensed and asks what happened. Sweety says the way Vivan’s family behaved, she is worried they will shock them again. Meeera drags Vivan to her family and says nobody will question Vivan. Sweety scolds Vivan he played his game again and troubled Meera. Meera says now nobody will question him, divorce is already complete. Vivan loves making announcements, now she will make announcement and shouts at Vivan to get out of her house and her country. Sweety then scolds Vivan and says she will not spare him easily for breaking her daughter’s heart and will go to court. Vivan says if she needs lawyer’s number, he will forward. He leaves from there.

Vivan returns to his room and reminisces Meera’s love for him. Tadap Tadap ke iss dil se aah nikalti rahi….song.. plays in the background. He thinks how to tell Meera why he divorced her, hope he should not have let maa and Amaya go, hope Meera’s father would not have brought them in this condition, don’t know why happiness comes near them and then run away. He shouts and vents out his frustration. Meera cries on her bed why she loved Vivan, he always gave her sorrows. Vivan on his bed says I love you Meera, I am so sorry….

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