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Bridal Material Monday 30th May 2022 Zee World Updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Bridal Material Monday 30th May 2022 Zee World Updates: Bridal Material Monday 30 May 2022 Zee World Updates, Bhootu’s summer camp continues. Mohini asks Shona to tell Vikram that her mother ran away with a man. Shona asks with him, she will not say that. Mohini shows her her ice cream. Shona agrees and cries in front of Vikram that her mamma ran away with someone. Mohini’s puppet hugs subconscious Anandita and kisses her back. Mohini shows Vikram that Anandita is romancing a stranger. Vikram fumes. Mohini signals puppet to run. Vikram runs behind man. Anandita falls unconscious. Mohini shouts if she is dead and feeds her water. Vikram runs behind puppet and catching him asks who is he, what was he doing with Anandita. Puppet says he is Anandita’s boyfriend and goes wherever she calls him.

Vikram angrily returns and asks Mohini if she knew about Anandita/s affair. She says yes, but could not speak. Vikram fumes. Anandita walks towards Vikram. Vikram slaps her, and she falls down. He then shouts at her that he did not know she was so characterless, he will marry Mohini now. Mohini gets very happy. Vikram then goes to Daadi and says he has decided to marry Mohini. Dadi asks what happened now. He says it is his final decision. Daadi smirks while her evil friends peep at them hiding.

Summer camp host announces Zaara and Kaaber of Ishq Subhan Allah Serial’s dance performance. They enter and dance on Ladki Badi Anjanji hai…song… Vikram watches them silently and looks at Anandita. Anandita walks to Vikram and asks why he wants to marry Mohini ad what did she do, he does not seem happy with his decision. He says he is very happy with his decision and is going away from her now. Anandita says when he will return, he will see her dead face. Kabeer and Zaar’s dance continues. They end up romancing each other on Kuch Kuch Hota Hai..song.

Mohini’s puppets kidnap Shona. Pihu watches her and shouts for help. Daadi plans with her evil friends to kill Anandita before she returns in Vikram’s life and plans to blast summer camp.

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