Bridal Material Monday 16th May 2022 Zee World Updates

On Bridal Material Monday 16th May 2022 Zee World Updates: Bridal Material Monday 16 May 2022 Zee World Updates, Meera brings herbal concoction for Vivan. Roma tries to make her fall by extending leg in between. Meera controls herself, angrily looks at Roma and walks to Vivan. She fees concoction to Vivan and he falls asleep again. She pleads him to wake up. Roma starts her usual verbal abuses and shouts at Meera to get out, if something happens to Vivan, she will sue whole family. Meera helplessly tries to leave, but Vivan holds her hand and thanks her. Whole family rejoices while Roma fumes in jealousy. Meera asks Vivan how is he now. He says he feels fine after consuming her weird concoction. Biji smiles and says their nok jhok may continue whole life.

Roma returns to her room and sitting on rocking chair fumes that she will lose control on Vivan soon if Meera and her family continues spoiling her plan. She thinks it is time to call someone, calls Laali and says let us meet. Laali greedily as usual waits for chance and agrees.

Next morning, Vivan gets busy on his laptop and looking at code thinks how it works. Meera walks in and applies vibhuti/holy ash on Vivan’s forehead. He asks what the hell it is. She says vibhuti, daadi told, if she disturbed his work. He says yes, he works and not unemployed like her. She says patidev/husband, if household work, cooking, cleaning, taking care of children is not work, if she does not, who will take care of children. He asks what children and whose children. Their nok jhok continues. She reverses his code and says sometimes they have to see life reverse. Argument continues.

Vivan then goes for breakfast. Roma walks in and asks what has he applied on his forehead. He says vibhuti and daadi sent it. Roma asks what kind of language is this, these people are not even fit to be their servants, why he is favoring them. She reminds that he is owner of this house and should kick out this family away. Vivan says he will handle it. She asks if he stared liking them. Vivan says no.. She says if he cannot, she will kick them out.

Vivan leaves for work and sees Meera fixing name plate. Their nok jhok starts again. Vivan leaves in car. Meera returns to her room fuming on Vivan and enjoys dance on bhangra music. Roma thinks she will send Vivan’s in-laws to a place where they will like most, out of this house. She calls Laali who comes with goons. She asks them to get in and trouble Meera and family. Goons barge in and misbehave with family. Roma warns family to get out of house. Meera pleads not to send her family out. Roma says she can kick out Meera at least and asks her to leave. Vivan rides car alone feeling sleepy.

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