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Bridal Material Friday 6th May 2022 Zee World Updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Bridal Material Friday 6th May 2022 Zee World Updates: Bridal Material Friday 6 May 2022 Zee World Updates, Meera walks in home sadly reminiscing Vivan leaving while Dolly and other family members are busy in wedding arrangements. She thinks why she is feeling uneasiness, when he does not care, why she should. Amar hears that and says forget the words. Meera says she will both words and Vivan. Amar asks if Vivan is going to London. She says yes, she told him truth that Preeto’s mother is Vivan’s mother, but before she could tell total truth, he did not want to listen to her and left. She gets Preeto’s call and runs saying she has kabbaddi match. Amar thinks if Vivan’s mother’s truth is same that he knows.

Vivan’s car gets stuck in traffic. Vivan fumes these Indian roads, he should have left home earlier. He throws out driver and himself drives car rashly. Amaya says Meera was right, he did not get closure yet, so he will vent out his anger either on someone or by doing an accident. Vivan says he is not angry as their mother is already dead now.

Meera reaches kabbaddi match venue. Her friends ask why did she come here with kaleerein, it is abshugun to remove kaleerein before they fall on someone. Meera says she will play kabbaddi wearing kaleerein and walks towards changing room. Amar rushes in calling Meera, but watchman does not let him in. Preeto sees him and informs Meera. Meera asks what happened. Amar says Vivan’s mother is alive. She asks what. He writes it on cardboard and shows her. She rushes down. He says Preeto’s mother is not Vivan’s mother, he used to work in refugee camp and had met Vivan’s mother whose bangle it was, Preeto’s mother is different. Meera says that means Vivan’s mother is alive. He says yes. Meera rushes on her bike to inform Vivan.

Vivan reaches airport and walks in at boarding area. Security officer says there is a bomb threat in London fligth and it is delayed for 2 hours. Vivan fumes. Officer informs threat was fake, flight will take off soon. Meera continues driving scooter, but it stops. She holds truck and rides, but falls down. She then runs and reaches airport, asks officer if London flight left. He says almost. She sees flight taking off and thinks Vivan left, thinks why did Vivan without completing his task. She hears another London passenger walking in, silently walks in holding boxes, but security officer watches her and alerts. She runs in chased by security officers. Vivan wiht Amaya heads towards flight. Meera runs with security officers chasing her. Finaally, they surround her and annnouce that terrorist is in booth, they need more backup. She gets into a a booth and locks herself. Officers try to break booth. She sees mic and calls Vivan. Vivan runs towards her hearing her voice. She signals him that his mother is alive. Officers warn her to surrender. Meera thinks how to inform in front of everyone, but announces on mic that Vivan’s mother is alive. Officers warn her come out, else they will shoot her, poinging guns on her. Vivan’s heart beatrs fast, connecting to her.

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