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Bridal Material Friday 3rd June 2022 Zee World Updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Bridal Material Friday 3rd June 2022 Zee World Updates: Bridal Material Friday 3 June 2022 Zee World Updates, Meera continues searching Vivan. Vivan gets up from behind, but goons catch and trash brutally until he collapses. Meera turns but does not find him. Amaya reaches there in auto and is shocked seeing Meera there, thinks she had gone to meet Pammi at a hotel, but how did she come here, if mom is meeting her here. She walks towards Meera when a kid informs that Pammi is waiting for her, showing someone standing near bus. She walks towards woman, woman gets into bus. Amaya also gets into bus. Meera sees her in mirror and rushes behind her, but bus leaves. Meeera continues running behind bus calling Amaya. Amaya walks towards woman and sees a man instead. A few other goons surround her. Meera gets into auto and rushes behind bus

Vivan escapes from goons and tries to call Meera. Roma messages her Pammi warning to stop trying to contact her, else whatever happened today was a just a trailer and he will have to pay a lot. Meera continues following bus. Goons surround Amaya. Dolly gets a call and stand shouting panicked. Biji and Nimmi asks what happened. Dolly says someone raped and throws her from bus. Roma gets happy thinking her goons did their job and asks if it is Meera. Dolly says Amaya. Roma is shocked and thinks how can this happened, she wanted to punish Meera for interfere, now all her hard work of years will go in vain.

Meera rushes Amaya to hospital saying nothing will happen to her. Amaya says she saw her freinds book request to Pammi and Pammi messaging to meet her, so she followed her. Doctor asks Meera to go away as Amaya’s condition is critical. Whole family reaches hospital and shatter seeing Amaya’s critical condition in ICU. Amar says what Vivan would be feeling seeing his sister’s condition. Vivan reaches hospital taking lift from someone and asks Meera why did she call him to hospital in such a hurry. She shows Amaya and tells him whole story, says she did know Amaya was following her. Vivan shouts why did she interfere in his issues, he told her many times not to interfere in his issues, because of her his sister is in critical condition. Meera tries to explain, but in vain..

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