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Bridal Material Friday 2nd July 2022 Zee World Updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Bridal Material 2nd July 2022: Bridal Material 2 July 2022, Goons surround Meera and try to molest her. Vivan enters and trashes goons brutally and rescues Meera. Goons run away. Meera says she knew he would save her. He says she thought he saved her as he loves her, she is wrong, he will protect her always as only he has right to torture her, he wil torture her each day till 6 months, now he will drop her safely to home so that he can continue his torture. She gets into his jeep and looks at him while he drives. He yells not to look at him. She says she cannot stop him, let him hate her and she will continue loving him.

Vivan and Amaya reach home. Prince says Amayaa.. They both run to Amaya’s room. Vivan asks what happened here. Amar tells whole story about fake doctor trying to give poisonous injection to Amaya, etc. Vivan scolds doctor and nurse for not performing their duties properly. Nurse says she went to bring hot water on fake doctor’s orders. Meera asks Vivan to stop questioning them and let us go to police station and complain. Vivan alleges that Amar must have done all this drama and hired goons. Meera warns to stop his nonsense talk, how can he blame his father. Vivan continues alleging. Meera warns don’t force him to choose between her family and her marriage. Vivan continues and asks them to get out. Meera and her family walks out.

Amar praises Meera that she confronted Vivan well. Meera says she is left only confronting now. Dolly joins them and says whoever troubles her daughter, she will not spare them. Meera asks Amar if he got injured. Amar says he is fine and thinks he cannot tell what happened to him.

After sometime, Meera sees fake doctor outside house and asks who is he. He runs away. Nimomo tells Meera that she clicked fake doctor’s pic and shows it. Meera says she saw this man just now, they are all into big trouble and should be careful. She thinks of informing Vivan. Vivan gets kidnapper’s call who provokes Vivan and ask him to come into some old fort. Vivan leaves. Meera hears him and stops. She tells she saw someone around and they are all into trouble. Vivan yells to move away and gets into car. She sits next to him. He yells at her to get out of car and comes out. She locks doors. He shouts to at least open door, else he will go in taxi. She opens door. He thinks he has to take her along, else she will create problem. He heads her towards jungle with her. Prince hears their conversation.

At home, Prince informs his parents that didi and jijaji have gone to some khandar. Amar says they should inform police. Dolly scolds him reminding what happened just yesterday. He asks who is with Amaya. She says she has left Nimmo with her..

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