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Bridal Material Friday 27th May 2022 Zee World Updates

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On Bridal Material Friday 27th May 2022 Zee World Updates: Bridal Material Friday 27 May 2022 Zee World Updates, Inspector tells Vivan that murder case is solved, Pammi killed someone. Meera shows Pammi’s letter writteen to her friend, Preeto’s mother, and says when a person cannot even think of hurting someone, how can she kill someone. Vivan warns her that he warned not to interfere in his issues. Meera says it is a question of womanhood, who gave him right to allege a woman/Roma, does he know she is really a murder. In room, Laali tells Roma that her one trick closed Pammi’s case. Roma says now she will go back to London finally. Laali says she already packed her bags. Roma hears sound and signals her to keep silent. Vivan takes Meera aside and shouts what problem she has, why is she interfering in his personal issues. She says it is about woman’s dignity now. Roma walks in and asks inspector to file murder case against Pammi and arrest her soon. Meera asks without proof, how will he. Inspector says he cannot file FIR without victim’s family’s complaint. Vivan asks to find out, he will make her confess her crimes.

Meera confronts Vivan and says he does not have right to allege his mother, whatever she is, she kept him in her womb for 9 months and gave him birth, she is also Amaya’s mother and he does not have right to deprive Amaya of her right, he is equally bad as he did not let his mom explain her stand. Argument continues. She walks down, slips and falls injuring her leg. Vivan rushes to her worried and says he is bad as he is bad woman’s son, his mother left 2 young children for money. He turns and sees Amaya. On the other side, Laali brainwashes Preeto that Pammi murdered her mother, and since Pammi is Meera’s MIL, so it is fight between her and Meera, she should not keep quiet and do something.

Vivan turns and is shocked to see Amaya, tries to explain. Amaya asks why he considered their mother as murderer without any proof, she will call press conference and is sure mom will notice her. Roma hears their conversation and walks down shouting if they want to shut Kapoor industry, do they realize how much they will lose, already they are going in loses, but vivan is busy behind middle class Meera who does not know value of money. Meera says good she values emotions and not money, she would teach her value of emotions.

Roma describes Pammi’s details to sketch artist who draws it. Pammi sees news about reopening of her murder case and thinks if her son reopened this file. She sees Preeto instead and asks someone sitting what is happening, why is her past haunting her.

Vivan angrily injures her hand reminiscing raising hand on Meera. Meera walks with injured leg. Jag soona soona laage…song….plays in the background.

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