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Bridal Material Tuesday 19th April 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Bridal Material Tuesday 19th April 2022: Bridal Material Tuesday 19 April 2022, Meera walks to Vivan’s room to apologize him, but hearing him asking someone over phone to find out how did Meera get that bangle. She walks in and fumes at Vikvan that he is too selfish. Vivan says he thought they thank people who help. Meera says of course, but not the one who does with vested interest and are selfish. She continues yelling and says his love for his father, sister and motehr is also materialistic. Vivan gets angry and warns to take his mother’s name, he is tolerating her because she has his… Meeera asks what…He says nothing. She leaves. Meera thinks why he is behing that bangle. Vivan goes to Amaya’s roomand fumes reminiscing Meeera’s words. He falls asleep. Silky sleeps dreaming about Vivan. Nimmo taunts her.

Next morning, Vivan wakes up hearing alarm sound and remembers he has to follow Meera. HBe walks down. In living room, family’s drama continues. Silky comes asking for tea and gets shy seeing Vivan. Family asks Vivan to have tea. He asks where is Meera. Nimmo says di has gone out for some work. Vivan leaves.

Meera meets Manilal jeweler to sell her bangle and asks till when she has to wait. Manilal excuses her, calls Vivan and says Meera is here and is insisting to hurry up. Vivan asks him to pay her. Manilal returns and says he forgot money is in locker itself and pays her 1 lakh. He asks if she does not want to meet a person who bought her bangle for double price. She says no and asks him not to tell her name to anyone. He jokes what is her name is.

Silky continues dreaming about Vivan. Sumer calls her and asks where is Meera. He says he is calling her and talking about di. He says Meera is not picking call and asks her to inform Meera that he and his mom are coming.

Meera reaches Soni Kudi Academy to meet her friend and sees Vivan following her. She walks in and asks girls if they want to meet their dream man Vivan, he is here. Girls don’t believe. Meera says he will walk before she counts 3 and hides. Vivan walks in, and girls surround him. Meera smirks and rush to her friend. She tells her friend that Vivan is following her, she does nnot know why he is behind that bangle. Friend asks not to inform Vivan or Manilal about her. Vivan walks towards door. Meera locks door from inside and hides with friend.

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