Wedding Planners Updates Monday 14th February 2022

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On Wedding Planners Updates Monday 14th February 2022: Wedding Planners Updates Monday 14 February 2022, The Episode starts with Preeti coming to the temple. She cries and prays for the girls’ safety. Kirti asks the kidnapper to call her dad and ask for money. The man says I don’t want money, I got hurt when I was framed for fake kidnapping case, my children got upset with me, I decided to punish the police, I will do real crime, I got punished before. He laughs. Neil asks police to find out Kirti. Preeti comes home. She cries and recalls Shikha’s words. Abhi mujh mein ….plays…. She calls Vishal. He doesn’t answer. He is drinking at some club. Neil says they are little kids, find them out. Kushala talks to Preeti. Preeti says we shall find them, don’t worry. Neil shows the kidnapper’s message live on the news channel.

Kushala asks Preeti to check tv quickly. Preeti and Nani get shocked seeing the kidnapper with the girls. The kidnapper threatens to kill both the girls. He says only then, I will settle the scores with the police. Nani worries. Preeti says cam down, nothing will happen, have water. She sees Preeti on the screen. She clicks the pic and cries. She says that place is a peanut candy factory, where is it, she is kept there. She tracks the factory and temple area. She leaves. Nani calls Vishal. He answers. Nani cries and says come home fast, someone kidnapped Preeti, Mohi had gone to a factory. He gets shocked. He leaves. Nani prays for the girl. Vishal calls Preeti. She tells everything. He doesn’t hear anything.

Kushala cries seeing the kidnapper threatening. Neil says I will inform the police. Preeti is on the way. The girls try to fight the kidnapper. He stops them. He says I don’t like kids opposing elders.

He burns a firetorch and goes towards them. Preeti comes in between and stops him. She fights the man. She scolds him for becoming the same person as the one who snatched his happiness. She says you should have proved your innocence than hurting innocent kids, this is your big mistake, your fight is with a mother now, you will lose, you can’t prove anything. He says I will prove it now, you can’t do anything, I will snatch everything from you. She says don’t come ahead. She hits on his head. She finds the door jammed. The girls hug her. The man says you all have to die. Preeti hides from him. She pacifies the girls and hugs them.

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